This One Chart Shows The Fall Of America

Still Shows A Die-Off Of 260 Million Americans In Less Than 8 Years – What Do They Know That We Don’t Know?


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

According to a new report released by the accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, the West will become the new ‘third world’. PwC, the 5th largest privately owned company in the United States, warns that the economies of country’s such as Indonesia, Mexico, Egypt and Pakistan are on pace to overtake the economies of Italy and Canada in the future while ‘1st world’ nations such as the United States are forecast to fall not into the group of ‘2nd world nations’, but join 3rd world nations such as Venezuela, North Korea and the other ‘developing’ countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

And with President Donald Trump in office promising to ‘make America great again’ might make such a forecast seem to be nothing more than more ‘fake news’, the website STILL shows a 2025 forecast for America that boggles our minds and should cause questions to be asked. Why does Deagel still show a major fall coming for America?

As we’ve previously reported numerous times on ANP, according to, a website which uses as their sources the various US government agencies seen screenshot below, they are still forecasting a population drop for the United States of 260 million people between now and 2025. You can check out their website’s United States of America page right here – it also shows a drop in gross domestic product from $18 trillion to only $949 billion in 2025 with GDP per capita dropping from $55,855 in 2015 to only $15,517 in 2025. What does Deagel know that the American people don’t know?


If not for a massive ‘die-off’, how else could the population of the US go from 321 million people to only 61 million people in less than 10 years? Did Deagel know several years ago that President Donald Trump would be elected and is the result of 260 million fewer people forecast to be living in the US in 2025 based upon several years of an unprecedented illegal immigration purge by Trump?

When alternative news first brought these charts to the attention of the world and Deagel went viral, they decided to publish their own reason for forecasting a massive drop in population for 2025 and such a major economic dropoff for the US. Not surprisingly, their explanation sounded much like PricewaterhouseCoopers, the United States is on its way to becoming a 3rd world nation.

While we clearly still have a ways to go to reach the depths of pain and suffering being experienced this very moment by the people living in Venezuela where they are hunting flamingos and anteaters to stave off hunger, we see in recent stories that things continue to deteriorate even here in America. As Susan Duclos reported on ANP back on February 8th, worldwide food shortages are now being felt, including here in the US. As Michael Snyder over at the Economic Collapse Blog recently warned, things are happening now in the financial world that don’t usually happen unless ‘trouble is coming’.


We’ve also warned that the forces of hell have seemingly been unleashed against the presidency of Donald Trump. As Mac Slavo recently reported over at SHTFPlan, ‘operation chaos’ has seen chaos weaponized and seen the country thrown into a tailspin during Trump’s first few weeks in office. Warning that this is likely only the beginning of something very raw and ugly bubbling to the surface, we see the status quo being dissolved with a very real ‘coup de tat’ by the 9th Circuit Court at least temporarily taking away President Trump’s control over who can come into America.

Are we now being ‘set up for the fall?’ As Slavo also recently warned over at SHTFPlan in a story that was picked up by the Drudge Report, they continue to get ready for war and chaos in US streets – that hasn’t gone away since Trump has come into office. Why would the Army prep for urban warfare in megacities? Do they know something that we don’t know and might what they know be tied to what Deagel is forecasting for America? From Slavo:

There will be war in the streets of America. Things have been engineered that way.

The scenarios are many, the issues are complex. The current anger from the left, who are violently protesting against President Trump, is just one aspect of it.

But the Pentagon and the U.S. national security structure is increasingly looking towards the shifting demographics around the globe – people have moved from rural areas, and shifted into cities. Where ever conflict stirs, there will be a need for military and SWAT response to the call. Entire cities will be locked down; door to door sweeps will often have violent ends.

Baghdad could be brought home to the streets of America, and the military already knows it.


In the first video below we get to hear Dave with the X22Report sharing with us political and economic news from around the world with a focus on the recent study by PricewaterhouseCoopers. As Dave tells us, every day we’re getting more and more signs that, despite President Donald Trump, they’re preparing to ‘bring down America’.

In the 2nd video, the Daily Sheeple warns us all about the massive surveillance state that has been built up all around us over the past several decades, telling us how we can know that now more than ever we’re living in an ‘Orwellian police state’ that we’re hopeful will be dismantled in the coming years, rather than allowed to become ‘a boot stomping upon a human face, forever’. And please remember, being against an ‘Orwellian police state’ for America has nothing to do with ‘being against the police’, whom we support 100%. Not even the law enforcement officers who we know are in support of a ‘dictatorial police state’ for America.

Will President Trump’s decision to focus the homeland security apparatus of the United States upon ‘radical Islam’ and the terror that it brings with it to the West finally take the focus of ‘big brother’ off of American patriots, Christians, supporters of the US Constitution and 2nd Amendment and overall, 72 types of Americans? Knowing that the globalists who have been pushing the Orwellian agenda are still ‘lurking in the dark’ should tell us all we need to know.

Below videos we read Deagel’s explanation for why they believe America is headed for danger.

We have decided to publish Deagel’s response to all of the questions as to why they’re showing such a ‘collapse of America’ below as it sums up the ‘future America’ that many of us expected prior to Trump’s miraculous election. Will President Donald Trump be able to stave off America being turned into a 3rd world nation? Check out Deagel’s 2014 response as to why they’re projecting so many fewer people living in America in 2025 than are living here right now and you’ll see they, too, foresaw dark economic times ahead for America.:

There have been many questions about the countries forecast specially the one focusing on the United States of America (USA). They won’t be answered one by one but below you can find some explanation, thoughts and reflections. We are going to keep this as short as possible.

The majority of the economic and demographic data used in the making of the forecasts is widely available by institutions such as the CIA, IMF, UN, USG, etc. You can see the most relevant data at every single country’s page. There is a tiny part of data coming from a variety of shadow sources such as Internet gurus, unsigned reports and others. But all these sources are from the internet and are of public domain for at least a minority. For example, several years ago Dagong, the Chinese ratings agency, published a report analyzing the physical economy of the States comparing it with those of China, Germany and Japan. The conclusion was that the US GDP was something between $5 to $10 trillion instead of $15 trillion as officially reported by the USG. We assume that the official data, especially economic, released by governments is fake, cooked or distorted in some degree. Historically it is well known that the former Soviet Union was making up fake statistics years before its collapse. Western as well as other countries are making up their numbers today to conceal their real state of affairs. We are sure that many people out there can find government statistics in their own countries that by their own personal experience are hard to believe or are so optimistic that may belong to a different country.

The key element to understand the process that the USA will enter in the upcoming decade is migration. In the past, specially in the 20th century, the key factor that allowed the USA to rise to its colossus status was immigration with the benefits of a demographic expansion supporting the credit expansion and the brain drain from the rest of the world benefiting the States. The collapse of the Western financial system will wipe out the standard of living of its population while ending ponzi schemes such as the stock exchange and the pension funds. The population will be hit so badly by a full array of bubbles and ponzi schemes that the migration engine will start to work in reverse accelerating itself due to ripple effects thus leading to the demise of the States. This unseen situation for the States will develop itself in a cascade pattern with unprecedented and devastating effects for the economy.

Jobs offshoring will surely end with many American Corporations relocating overseas thus becoming foreign Corporations!!!! We see a significant part of the American population migrating to Latin America and Asia while migration to Europe – suffering a similar illness – won’t be relevant. Nevertheless the death toll will be horrible. Take into account that the Soviet Union’s population was poorer than the Americans nowadays or even then. The ex-Soviets suffered during the following struggle in the 1990s with a significant death toll and the loss of national pride. Might we say “Twice the pride, double the fall”? Nope. The American standard of living is one of the highest, far more than double of the Soviets while having added a services economy that will be gone along with the financial system. When pensioners see their retirement disappear in front of their eyes and there are no servicing jobs you can imagine what is going to happen next. At least younger people can migrate. Never in human history were so many elders among the population. In past centuries people were lucky to get to their 30s or 40s. The American downfall is set to be far worse than the Soviet Union’s one. A confluence of crisis with a devastating result.

Sorry to disappoint many of you with our forecast. It is getting worse and worse every year since the beginning of the pre-crisis in 2007. It is already said that this website is non-profit, built on spare time and we provide our information and services AS IS without further explanations and/or guarantees. We are not linked to any government in any way, shape or form. We are not a death or satanic cult or arms dealers as some BS is floating around the internet on this topic. Take into account that the forecast is nothing more than a model whether flawed or correct. It is not God’s word or a magic device that allows to foresee the future.

Sunday, October 26th, 2014

California Asks For $100B Despite Refusal To Enforce Immigration Laws

Workers demolish the south side of Mulholland overpass on the 405 freeway during the 53-hour total freeway closure dubbed "Carmageddon" for the resulting massive traffic disruptions expected throughout the region, on July 16, 2011 in Los Angeles.  (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

Jason Chulack

California officials may not be happy with President Trump’s immigration orders, but they are eager to get a piece of the $1 trillion infrastructure plan that he has promised.

State officials proposed a list of infrastructure projects on Wednesday that would require $100 billion in federal funds. Some of the projects include improving roads, bridges, levees, ports and public transportation according to the Los Angeles Times.

Although California Democrats have been critical of President Trump’s immigration policies, state officials have praised his massive infrastructure proposal. Trump promised to repair roads and bridges across the country in his inaugural address and California Gov. Jerry Brown responded last month in his State of the State address: “And I say, ‘Amen to that, man. Amen to that, brother.’”

The governor’s executive secretary, Nancy McFadden, wrote about the short-term and long-term effects the projects would have in a letter to the National Governors Association.

“In the short-term, these projects will benefit businesses up and down the state and put thousands to work — many in communities with the highest rates of unemployment,” McFadden wrote. “Long-term, this investment will have lasting, expansive economic benefits by moving goods and people faster, protecting vulnerable communities from flooding, bolstering emergency response capabilities, saving and storing more water and improving energy reliability.”

It is unclear whether or not the state will receive the requested funds due to the governor’s vow to protect people who are in his state illegally.

“Let me be clear: We will defend everybody — every man, woman and child — who has come here for a better life and has contributed to the well-being of our state,” Governor Brown said in his State of the State address.


Fukushima nuclear reactor radiation at highest level since 2011 meltdown

Extraordinary readings pile pressure on operator Tepco in its efforts to decommission nuclear power station

Cranes over the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in February 2016

Radiation levels inside a damaged reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station are at their highest since the plant suffered a triple meltdown almost six years ago.

The facility’s operator, Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco), said atmospheric readings as high as 530 sieverts an hour had been recorded inside the containment vessel of reactor No 2, one of three reactors that experienced a meltdown when the plant was crippled by a huge tsunami that struck the north-east coast of Japan in March 2011.

The extraordinary radiation readings highlight the scale of the task confronting thousands of workers, as pressure builds on Tepco to begin decommissioning the plant – a process that is expected to take about four decades.

The recent reading, described by some experts as “unimaginable”, is far higher than the previous record of 73 sieverts an hour in that part of the reactor.

A single dose of one sievert is enough to cause radiation sickness and nausea; 5 sieverts would kill half those exposed to it within a month, and a single dose of 10 sieverts would prove fatal within weeks.

Tepco also said image analysis had revealed a hole in metal grating beneath the same reactor’s pressure vessel. The one-metre-wide hole was probably created by nuclear fuel that melted and then penetrated the vessel after the tsunami knocked out Fukushima Daiichi’s back-up cooling system.

“It may have been caused by nuclear fuel that would have melted and made a hole in the vessel, but it is only a hypothesis at this stage,” Tepco’s spokesman Tatsuhiro Yamagishi told AFP.

“We believe the captured images offer very useful information, but we still need to investigate given that it is very difficult to assume the actual condition inside.”

The presence of dangerously high radiation will complicate efforts to safely dismantle the plant.

A remote-controlled robot that Tepco intends to send into the No 2 reactor’s containment vessel is designed to withstand exposure to a total of 1,000 sieverts, meaning it would survive for less than two hours before malfunctioning.

The firm said radiation was not leaking outside the reactor, adding that the robot would still prove useful since it would move from one spot to the other and encounter radiation of varying levels.

Tepco and its network of partner companies at Fukushima Daiichi have yet to identify the location and condition of melted fuel in the three most seriously damaged reactors. Removing it safely represents a challenge unprecedented in the history of nuclear power.

Quantities of melted fuel are believed to have accumulated at the bottom of the damaged reactors’ containment vessels, but dangerously high radiation has prevented engineers from accurately gauging the state of the fuel deposits.

Earlier this week, the utility released images of dark lumps found beneath reactor No 2 that it believes could be melted uranium fuel rods – the first such discovery since the disaster.

In December, the government said the estimated cost of decommissioning the plant and decontaminating the surrounding area, as well as paying compensation and storing radioactive waste, had risen to 21.5tn yen (£150bn), nearly double an estimate released in 2013.

Not ‘Lone Wolves’ After All: How ISIS Guides World’s Terror Plots From Afar

HYDERABAD, India — When the Islamic State identified a promising young recruit willing to carry out an attack in one of India’s major tech hubs, the group made sure to arrange everything down to the bullets he needed to kill victims.

For 17 months, terrorist operatives guided the recruit, a young engineer named Mohammed Ibrahim Yazdani, through every step of what they planned to be the Islamic State’s first strike on Indian soil.


Mohammed Ibrahim Yazdani, left, and his younger brother Ilyas, whom he recruited to participate in the Hyderabad plot.

They vetted each new member of the cell as Mr. Yazdani recruited helpers. They taught him how to pledge allegiance to the terrorist group and securely send the statement.

And from Syria, investigators believe, the group’s virtual plotters organized for the delivery of weapons as well as the precursor chemicals used to make explosives, directing the Indian men to hidden pickup spots.

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Until just moments before the arrest of the Indian cell, here last June, the Islamic State’s cyberplanners kept in near-constant touch with the men, according to the interrogation records of three of the eight suspects obtained by The New York Times.

As officials around the world have faced a confusing barrage of attacks dedicated to the Islamic State, cases like Mr. Yazdani’s offer troubling examples of what counterterrorism experts are calling enabled or remote-controlled attacks: violence conceived and guided by operatives in areas controlled by the Islamic State whose only connection to the would-be attacker is the internet.

In the most basic enabled attacks, Islamic State handlers acted as confidants and coaches, coaxing recruits to embrace violence. In the Hyderabad plot, among the most involved found so far, the terrorist group reached deep into a country with strict gun laws to arrange for pistols and ammunition to be left in a bag swinging from the branches of a tree.

For the most part, the operatives who are conceiving and guiding such attacks are doing so from behind a wall of anonymity. When the Hyderabad plotters were arrested last summer, they could not so much as confirm the nationalities of their interlocutors in the Islamic State, let alone describe what they looked like. Because the recruits are instructed to use encrypted messaging applications, the guiding role played by the terrorist group often remains obscured.

As a result, remotely guided plots in Europe, Asia and the United States in recent years, including the attack on a community center in Garland, Tex., were initially labeled the work of “lone wolves,” with no operational ties to the Islamic State, and only later was direct communication with the group discovered.

ISIS Attacks, Outside of Its Self-proclaimed Caliphate

In at least 10 executed attacks, officials have found that the assailant was in direct communication with planners from the Islamic State.

Sized by number of deaths

Injuries only

Oct.2015AprilJulyOct.2016AprilJulyOct.2017directedParisBeirutSousseBrusselsTunisenabledinspiredOrlandoIstanbulSan Bernardino

While the trail of many of these plots led back to planners living in Syria, the very nature of the group’s method of remote plotting means there is little dependence on its maintaining a safe haven there or in Iraq. And visa restrictions and airport security mean little to attackers who strike where they live and no longer have to travel abroad for training.

Close examination of both successful and unsuccessful plots carried out in the Islamic State’s name over the past three years indicates that such enabled attacks are making up a growing share of the operations of the group, which is also known as ISIS, ISIL or Daesh.

“They are virtual coaches who are providing guidance and encouragement throughout the process — from radicalization to recruitment into a specific plot,” said Nathaniel Barr, a terrorism analyst at Valens Global, who along with Daveed Gartenstein-Ross of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies in Washington wrote one of the first articles discussing the virtual plotters.

“If you look at the communications between the attackers and the virtual plotters, you will see that there is a direct line of communication to the point where they are egging them on minutes, even seconds, before the individual carries out an attack.”

Detailing this kind of plot direction has become a critical focus of counterterrorism officials in the United States and Europe, as they try to track terror planners who pose a lasting threat and to unravel the criminal networks that the group uses as middlemen to facilitate attacks.

Mr. Yazdani’s case presents one of the most detailed accounts to date of how the Islamic State is exporting terrorism virtually. This style of attack has allowed the terrorist group’s reach to stretch into countries as disparate as France and Malaysia, Germany and Indonesia, Bangladesh and Australia. And plots have been discovered in multiple locations in the United States, including in Columbus, Ohio, the suburbs of Washington and upstate New York.

“I fear this is the future of ISIS,” said Bridget Moreng, an analyst whose research on the virtual plotters was recently published in Foreign Affairs.

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Mohammed Ishaq Yazdani, whose brothers Mohammed Ibrahim and Ilyas are accused of being members of the Hyderabad cell, at his home in Aman Nagar B slum in the Old City. Credit Atul Loke for The New York Times

A Diverse Portfolio

Until roughly a year ago, Islamic State recruiters aggressively pushed the message that going to Syria was a spiritual obligation. They described the physical journey as a “hijrah,” the Arabic word used to refer to the Prophet Muhammad’s journey to escape persecution in Mecca, imbuing the act with religious meaning.

The recruiters hid within an ocean of 2.3 billion live social media accounts, flooding the internet with romanticized videos of life inside the caliphate, as well as brutal execution videos, using them as clickbait to lure potential recruits.

One of the Islamic State’s most influential recruiters and virtual plotters was known by the nom de guerre Abu Issa al-Amriki, and his Twitter profile instructed newcomers to contact him via the encrypted messaging app Telegram. Among those who sought him out, asking for instructions on how to reach Syria, was Mr. Yazdani, who had convinced himself that it was his religious duty to move his family to the caliphate.

By 2015, Amriki was one of close to a dozen cyberplanners based in Syria or Iraq who were already actively recruiting volunteers abroad, according to a tally based on investigation records from North America, Europe and Asia.

Initially, they made little effort to hide, posting grandiose threats against the West on public social media feeds. They were sometimes discounted as mere cheerleaders for the terrorist group.

But by the late spring of 2015, they were considered enough of a threat that both American and British intelligence began tracking their movements, methodically targeting them with airstrikes and killing several since then.

Among them was Amriki himself, who was killed along with his wife on April 22, 2016, when a bomb flattened their apartment in Al Bab, Syria. The Pentagon press secretary, Peter Cook, identified him as a Sudanese citizen also known as Abu Sa’ad al-Sudani, and described him as one of the Islamic State’s “external attack planners” who “actively sought to harm Western interests.”

The Department of Defense’s account showed, moreover, that the handler had been involved in far more than just the Hyderabad case, planning attacks on three continents.

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Emanuel L. Lutchman was told by his ISIS handler to attack a bar in Rochester on New Year’s Eve in 2015, the authorities say. Credit Carlos Ortiz/Democrat & Chronicle, via Associated Press

At the same time that he was recruiting Mr. Yazdani, Amriki was grooming attackers in Canada and Britain, as well as at least three other young men in suburbs across America, according to court records. They included a former member of the Army National Guard living in Virginia; a warehouse worker from Columbus; and Emanuel L. Lutchman, a 25-year-old in Rochester.

Looking for ways to get to Syria, Mr. Lutchman reached out to Amriki on Dec. 25, 2015, asking what it was like to live inside territory controlled by the group. “Dream come true,” Amriki responded, before telling the young man that the Syrian border had been closed, according to the criminal complaint.

Instead, the handler suggested that Mr. Lutchman carry out an attack right at home on New Year’s Eve — less than a week after their first exchange. Plan an “operation” and kill “1000000s of kuffar,” Amriki instructed him, using a derogatory Arabic word meaning infidel. Over the course of several chats via the Telegram service, they planned how Mr. Lutchman would attack a bar serving craft beer to celebrate the holiday, prosecutors say.

The two men discussed recruiting three other “brothers” to take part. They stayed in contact as Mr. Lutchman went to Walmart, where he spent $40 on two ski masks, two knives, a machete, zip-ties, duct tape and latex gloves. He planned to abduct one of the bar’s customers and videotape himself killing the victim, prosecutors say.

And they exchanged a flurry of messages, as the 25-year-old began to voice doubts and the handler assumed the role of therapist, patiently listening and reassuring him.

Mr. Lutchman was arrested at his home the day before his planned attack on Merchants Grill in Rochester, outed by the accomplice he had recruited, who turned out to be an F.B.I. informant.

At the time of his arrest, Mr. Lutchman had been communicating with the handler for a total of five days. It appears he never heard his handler’s voice, or saw so much as a photograph of him, according to the court filings.

By late 2015, travel to Syria had become treacherous. Intelligence services on both sides of the Atlantic were getting better at identifying aspiring jihadists, arresting dozens as they prepared to board flights for Istanbul in hopes of crossing into Syria. At first, Islamic State operatives instructed recruits to throw off law enforcement by taking more indirect routes. They also began urging followers to head to other Islamic State colonies, including in Libya.

That was what law enforcement officials said a young man from Columbus, Aaron T. Daniels, was trying to do in November, when he was arrested while trying to board a United Airlines flight to Houston, from where he would travel to Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, before continuing toward Libya.

No longer describing the journey to Syria as a spiritual necessity, the Islamic State announced last year that those who could not reach the caliphate should attack at home.

“If the tyrants have closed in your faces the door of hijrah, then open in their face the door of jihad,” the group’s spokesman, Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, said in a message released in May.

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The Hyderabad plan was intended to be the Islamic State’s first strike on Indian soil, timed to coincide with the wave of Ramadan attacks around the world last summer. Credit Atul Loke for The New York Times

Local Assets

At the time Amriki was killed last April, he had been exchanging messages with Mr. Yazdani in India for more than a year, patiently offering encouragement as his recruit tried and failed to get a visa first to Greece, and then to Turkey in an effort to reach Syria.

One of eight children, Mr. Yazdani, who is now 30, grew up in a cramped apartment in the slum of Aman Nagar B, in a narrow alley that smells of sewage in Hyderabad’s Old City. He beat the odds, earning an engineering degree and landing a job as a quality inspector in Saudi Arabia for nearly four years, before returning to India.

While abroad, he began watching the Islamic State’s online propaganda, and soon he became consumed by a desire to leave it all for the caliphate.

“Since then, I was inclined to join Islamic State and work for the cause of religion,” Mr. Yazdani told investigators from India’s National Investigation Agency, according to his interrogation record, which was obtained by The Times and was first reported by NDTV, a New Delhi-based television company.

He logged into Twitter and searched the hashtags #ISIS and #Khilafa, the terrorist group’s preferred spelling of caliphate. In a few keystrokes, he made contact with Amriki.

“I created a Telegram ID,” Mr. Yazdani told investigators, “and sought his guidance to reach Syria.”

After months of frustrating and failed attempts to help Mr. Yazdani get a visa, Amriki’s directions changed course: “He asked me to work for I.S. by staying in India itself.”

It was a period in which the Islamic State was refining the way it exports terror, increasingly relying on cyberplanners with local knowledge. Just before his death, Amriki handed off Mr. Yazdani to a different handler, known only by his Telegram screen name, “WindsofVictory.” His identity has not yet been confirmed by Indian officials, though they believe he is Indian because he spoke fluent Hindi.

The new handler guided the eight-member cell as it took shape, exchanging messages with Mr. Yazdani as the engineer recruited his family members and friends. They named themselves “Jund-ul-Khilafa-Fi-Bilad-Hind,” the Army of the Caliphate in India, according to the interrogation records, which misspelled part of the Arabic name.

At the end of May, Mr. Yazdani received a message telling him to go to the Nanded Airport, about 200 miles away. He and an accomplice, Habeeb Mohammed, 31, drove all night. After they reached the airport the next morning, the handler told them to head to the Railway Division Office. Near that office, he said, they would see a plastic bag hanging from a tree, according to the transcripts of the men’s interrogations.

“It was informed by the handler that opposite to DRM office, there are two trees and on one of the trees there would be a white color polythene sheet (used for wrapping fragile articles),” Mr. Mohammed told investigators. “We spotted the place, and I, first on the pretext of urinating, went to check for the consignment.”

When they opened the bag, they found two pistols and 20 bullets, according to their account to law enforcement. It was one of at least four drops that the handler set up for them.

Because the pistols were rusted, they say the handler instructed them to travel to the railway station in the city of Ajmer, about 600 miles to the north. This time they were told to bring 65,000 rupees — around $1,000 — and leave it near the railway track sealed in a plastic bag, which would be picked up and used as payment for weapons.

Because the communication always had to go through the handler, the members of the Hyderabad cell never directly interacted with the arms seller. When they were arrested, they could not provide any clues as to who had left the contraband, Indian investigators said.

The Hindi-speaking handler guiding the men in Hyderabad also insisted on using a kaleidoscope of encrypted messaging applications, with Mr. Yazdani instructed to hop between apps so that even if one message history was discovered and cracked, it would reveal only a portion of their handiwork.

As soon as Mr. Yazdani indicated he was willing to undertake an attack, the handler instructed him to download ChatSecure, a messaging app to be used when they spoke by phone. When he used his laptop, he was told to contact the handler via Pidgin, another encrypted tool. He was told to create an account with Tutanota, a secure email service. And the handler taught Mr. Yazdani how to use the Tails operating system, which is contained on a USB stick and allows a user to boot up a computer from the external device and use it without leaving a trace on the hard drive.

Once that system was in place, the handler told Mr. Yazdani to prepare a handwritten oath of allegiance, known as a “bayah,” to the Islamic State’s leader.

Document: An Oath of Allegiance to ISIS

Members of the cell signed it using their noms de guerre, and Mr. Yazdani was told to scan it to his laptop, using Tails to obscure the operation. Next, he was told to upload it to, which allows users to upload files and produces a URL that can be shared with a third party. The link to the URL was to be sent via the secure email.

By methodically working through URLs archived on the website, The Times was able to find the image of the one-page handwritten document containing the Indian men’s pledge of allegiance to the Islamic State. The file was uploaded around the time that Mr. Yazdani told investigators he had done so, and the document matched his description of the wording he had disclosed to the authorities. Until they were alerted to its existence, Indian investigators were not aware that the document was still archived on the website, they said.

The men’s families have denied that they played any role in a terrorist plot, and accuse the authorities of planting evidence against them.

One Indian investigator, speaking on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief reporters, said officials were able to crack the full extent of the case only because Mr. Yazdani and his accomplices confessed during interrogation, divulging the passwords to their accounts after their arrests last summer.

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Officers carried evidence from a refugee shelter after an explosion outside a music festival in Ansbach, Germany, in July. An Islamic State recruit detonated his bomb prematurely, killing only himself. Credit Daniel Karmann/European Pressphoto Agency

Global Reach

Though the Hyderabad case is among the most detailed in showing how Syria-based handlers directly facilitated terrorist attacks abroad, it is neither the first, nor the only one. Investigation documents from Europe show that a growing share of attacks bear signs of contact with the Islamic State’s stronghold, even though the attacker was initially described as acting alone.

The first time that officials in Europe described an attack as having been “télécommandé,” or remote-controlled, was in the spring of 2015 after a young information technology student named Sid Ahmed Ghlam tried to open fire on a church in the Paris suburb of Villejuif. Instead, he shot himself in the leg.

When the police searched his car, they found his Lenovo laptop containing a series of messages showing how he, too, had been guided by a pair of handlers who provided both the weapons and the getaway car, according to hundreds of pages of police and intelligence records obtained by The Times.

“OK, brother, now pay attention,” one of the messages begins, instructing the then-23-year-old to head to the suburb of Aulnay-sous-Bois, where he would find the automatic weapons in a bag left in a locked car parked near a sandwich shop. “Search among the cars that are parked there near the big road and look for a Renault Mégane,” the message said. “Look at the front right tire — you’ll find the keys placed on top.”

The handler then instructed him to store the weapons in another car in a parking garage 10 miles away, a precaution in case his apartment was searched.

Later, French investigators said they had found that Mr. Ghlam’s handlers were French citizens who had traveled to Syria to join the Islamic State. They, in turn, tapped their criminal network back in France to arrange the logistics of Mr. Ghlam’s plot.

Seamus Hughes, the deputy director of the Program on Extremism at George Washington University, said the handlers were essentially “quarterbacking” the attack: “They’re from there, so they can essentially tell someone, ‘O.K., go 10 yards and go this way.”

Wiretaps, interrogation records and transcripts of chats recovered on suspects’ phones and laptops show that this level of guidance has occurred all over the world.

In Germany, a man who set off a bomb outside a concert and a teenager who assaulted train passengers with an ax were both chatting with handlers until minutes before their attacks. The teenager’s handler urged him to use a car instead of an ax — “The damage would be much greater,” the handler advised — but the young man said he did not have a driving permit. “I want to enter paradise tonight,” he said, according to a transcript obtained by a German newspaper.

In northern France, a pair of attackers who had been guided by an Islamic State cybercoach slit the throat of an 85-year-old priest. The pair had not known each other, and according to the investigative file, the handler introduced them, organizing for them to meet days before the attack. Intelligence records obtained by The Times reveal that the same handler in Syria also guided a group of young women who tried to blow up a car in front of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris.

And investigations into attacks in Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh reveal that the recruits were directly communicating with Islamic State handlers who molded the plots as they took shape and helped arrange logistics, in some cases wiring money.

In several, a pattern has emerged: The attacker initially tries to reach Syria, but is either blocked by the authorities in the home country or else turned back from the border. Under the instructions of a handler in Syria or Iraq, the person then begins planning an attack at home.

Law enforcement officials describe that sequence of events in one of the most recent foiled attacks in France, where a group of people are accused of plotting to hit the popular Christmas market in the city of Strasbourg, having been given the GPS coordinates of a location to pick up weapons. At least one of the five men arrested so far had been turned back from Turkey, French prosecutors said.

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The body of a suicide bomber after an attack at a police station in Solo City, Indonesia, a day before the end of Ramadan in July. The attacker’s suicide vest was poorly assembled and only he was killed. Credit Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images

Weak Links

While a reliance on local amateurs has allowed the Islamic State to announce that it can stage terrorism around the world, it has also led to many failed attacks.

Instead of opening fire on a church, Mr. Ghlam shot himself in the leg. Instead of laying waste to a music festival this past summer, the Islamic State recruit in Germany detonated his bomb prematurely, killing only himself.

The same thing happened the day before the end of Ramadan on July 2 inside a police compound in Indonesia, where another remotely guided attacker hit the switch on his crudely assembled suicide vest.

“He didn’t even knock over the flowerpot on the ledge next to where he blew himself up,” said Sidney Jones, director of the Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict.

Indonesian officials say that the suicide bomber had been incited to attack by Bahrun Naim, a 33-year-old Indonesian man who is now one of the Islamic State’s most prolific cyberplanners, operating from the group’s capital in Raqqa, Syria.

Initially, Mr. Naim wired money to families in Indonesia to pay for travel to Syria, officials said. Later, the bank transfers he sent were to be used to buy the chemicals needed to build explosives, according to the interrogation records of his recruits.

In just over a year, the young men with whom he was in touch attempted at least six attacks, targeting a police post, a Buddhist temple and a church, as well as foreigners visiting the country. In November, a college dropout who the police said had at least been initially in contact with Mr. Naim was arrested as he prepared to attack the embassy of Myanmar. In his home, the police recovered a quantity of explosives that could have resulted in a blast twice as powerful as the 2002 Bali bombing, which killed 202 people, the police spokesman told local news media.

Yet nearly all of the plots attributed to Mr. Naim have failed. And it was human error that finally led to the arrest of Amriki’s followers in Hyderabad.

The plot began to unravel in June after the men were instructed to collect a 10-kilogram bag of ammonium nitrate left beside a canal next to mile marker No. 9 on the Vijayawada Highway.

They returned to Mr. Mohammed’s home to begin preparing a bomb, but could not figure out how to replicate the steps in the instructional YouTube video sent to them by the handler. “We could not succeed in making powder, as it became jellylike paste,” Mr. Yazdani lamented, according to the transcript of his interrogation.

They tried using a tea strainer. They tried heating it longer. They began talking on their cellphones about their efforts to “cook the rice.”

By then, the police were wiretapping their calls and suspected that all the food talk was a crude attempt at misdirection. Early on June 29, the police banged on the door of Mr. Mohammed’s home.

In his bedroom, they found the half-cooked explosive in his refrigerator.

Correction: February 4, 2017
Earlier versions of this article incorrectly identified the embassy in Indonesia that had been targeted for a bombing. It was the embassy of Myanmar, not of Malaysia.

Is Trump Purging The Enemies Within? Obama Loyalists Being Escorted Out Of The White House


By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

Due to what appears to have been an honest mix up, reports came out this week that Secret Service manager level staff was “forced to resign” this week, but after clarification it was determined that it wasn’t Secret Service that was forced to resign and was escorted from the White House, but was in reality members of security/cyber security/information security, including the Chief of Information Security at White House.

It began when Steve Clemons, Political and Foreign Policy Commentator,  Washington Editor at Large, associated with The Atlantic and National Journal and a Contributor at MSNBC, sent the following tweet out on February 2, 2017, stating “Reports coming in that some Secret Service mgr level personnel forced 2 resign 2nite & escorted out of EEOB. Two out but source says more.” That was immediately followed up by another report from Clemons, stating “Repeat. Two (& perhaps more) @SecretService Mgr level staff abtuptly forced to resign tonight & escorted out of EEOB #trump #whitehouse”


The EEOB refers to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building which houses a majority of offices for White House staff.

The next morning Clemons followed up with a series of tweets admitting to his error in reporting it was Secret Service that was forced to resign and escorted off the premises, but was in reality, members of the “White House Security,” who “share space” with the Secret Service.


Between his original tweet and his clarifications, others reported on his initial assertion that it was Secret Service that was removed, to the point where the Secret Service agency spokeswoman was forced to issue a denial stating, “The report regarding the Secret Service personnel is absolutely false.”

A purge of Secret Service would have been a big story, especially after reports regarding one agent who had publicly stated she would not “take a bullet” for President Trump, resulting in her suspension with pay, pending an investigation, but the real story here is that it was the White House Security Chief, who was an Obama political appointee, announced in September 2016, via the White House website, also referred to as the “first ever cyber chief.”

Fortune Magazine reported in September 2016:

Touhill will lead a team within the White House’s Office of Management and Budget “that conducts periodic cyberstat reviews with federal agencies to insure that implementation plans are effective and achieve the desired outcomes,” said Scott, the U.S. info chief, and Michael Daniel, U.S. cybersecurity coordinator, in a jointly authored blog post announcing the news. Touhill will be responsible for “helping to ensure the right set of policies, strategies, and practices are adopted across agencies,” they said.

Emphasis mine.

The timing of this seems quite coincidental, on the heels of the immigration pause roll-out, preventing immigrants from countries considered security threats due to high levels of terrorist activity, which has led to lawsuits against the Executive Order, with one judge halting the pause, and the Trump administration vowing to fight it, has largely been criticized due Visa and Green Card holders being denied entry into the U.S. or detained upon arrival, when those holders were not supposed to be part of the “pause.”

Was it a botched roll-out as has been suggested by critics, or was there a deliberate intra-agency communications issue, which led to the chaos that ensued shortly after the EO was signed and implementation started?

Not knowing the exact specific responsibilities that fall under the First Federal Chief Information Security Officer and his department within the White House, I cannot answer that, but the timing of these purges are suspicious, on top of the previous firing of the acting Attorney General Sally Yates,  another hold over from the Obama administration, “after she issued a kamikaze attack on her new boss, refusing to defend his executive order in the courts,” along with purging Obama’s Border Control Chief, who had previously been accused by members of the union that represents U.S. Border Patrol agents, the National Border Patrol Council, of being a “disgrace,” and tying their hands in regards to doing their jobs as well as advocating lax immigration enforcement.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this apparent purge of Obama loyalists and appointees, in positions to betray and work against the new administration, is how the mainstream media is avoiding the fact that the White House Security Chief, along with an unspecified number of members of the security/cyber security/information security, were not only “forced” to resign but were actually escorted out of the EEOB.

If the past year and a half has told us anything, it is that when the MSM doesn’t want something known, it is usually something “we the people” should know more about, so their avoidance of any major headlines regarding this, is quite worrisome.


All administrations deliberately “leak” certain details, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they allow a “leak” in order to basically offer an unofficial warning to the public about what is coming. Other times they float possible actions anonymously in order to gauge public reaction. The most damaging “leaks” are those that reveal private conversations and plans, with the sole goal by the “leaker” to cause trouble for an agenda or proposal they disagree with politically.

RelatedWhite House investigates leaks of Trump calls to Australia, Mexico

With a consistent stream of media headlines claiming their are an unprecedented amount of the latter types of leaks coming from the White House, with mainstream media gleefully claiming their is “distrust” and “confusion,” implying the Trump administration is paranoid about traitors in their midst, we find that these “purges” that we see increasing, especially with the MSM studiously avoiding reporting on some of them, and slanting reports about others, it appears the Trump administration is being forced to “clean house” now of Obama loyalists, rather than slowly replacing people at a more leisurely pace.

White House spokesmen Sean Spicer was right, these bureaucrats need to either “get with the program” or get out, before they find themselves fired and escorted out the door.

While we provided a few of the screen shots from the Clemons Twitter feed above, in the video below I went ahead and went through all of them pertaining to the most recent purge in the White House of Obama loyalists, showing the series of tweets explaining, encouraging others to follow up and then clarifying exactly who was basically booted out the door, while the media silence on these “forced” resignations (read: firings) is deafening.

President Trump needs to purge all the “enemies” within if he expects to enforce his agenda and keep his campaign promises without being stabbed in the back at every turn.


Enemies Within: President Trump Is In Extreme Danger


President Trump may have escaped the clutches of Hillary Clinton. But can he escape the danger posed by the Democratic/Communist Party who are agents of the globalists and whose main goal is the destruction of the United States?

The following comprise the “hit team” who want to take him out and subjugate the American people.

Enemies Within

President Trump faces an unthinkable challenge. He is not only faced with dealing with over 80 Congressmen who are members of front organiztions for the Communist party and the Muslim Brotherhood, he has many of these philosophical traitors to the Republic serving in senior and mid-level managment in the various agencies of the Federal government. In other words, the President is surrounded by traitors who are dedicated to the destruction of the United States. Their traitors are your enemy whether you realize it or not!

Please allow me to superfically review how extensive the treason to the Republic is. This will be followed up by a stunning revelation as the end of the article.

Treason In Our Midst

Was anyone else bothered by the fact the large body count of Democratic Congressmen who did not attend the Inauguration. These unpatriotic Congressmen were led by the very radicalized John Lewis. Lewis belongs to the Progressive Caucus which a clear front organization  for the Communist Party as are the other disloyal Congressmen.

At minimum, I am concerned because these Congressmen demonstrated that they will not work with this President. This is troublesome because the Congress and the President must work together for the good of the country.

At maximum, I am concerned about this development because questions about these Congressmen are being asked by my audience with regard to their real motivation. Many of my readers and viewers are questioning if these Congressmen want to simply be “out of the blast zone” for what is coming. In other words they are positioning themselves to survive the coup that is coming.

New Zealand Journalist, Trevor Loudon, documents, through his new documentary entitled The Enemies Within) how the Communist Party of the USA itself has adopted a stealth plan to achieve revolutionary goals by decisions made in the 1970s to infiltrate and manipulate the Democratic Party. Loudon’s newest work documents how Lewis is a member of several front organizations with strong ties to the Community Party.

“The Communist and Muslim Brotherhood infiltration plan is to form alliances with the radical elements in organized labor in conjunction with radicals in the African-American community and the feminist movement to establish a progressive coalition on the left that could dominate the national political agenda for decades to come.”  John Lewis is a member of the Progressive Caucus which is a front group for the Communist Party. Lewis is not alone, but his actions and allegiances speak to his lack of commitment to the Republic and most importantly, the Constitution of The United States.
With these associations and his continual efforts in dividing the country, this Congressman should resign. Our country has reached its saturation point with treason from its public officials. Lewis has lost all credibility. Fromer Congressman, Alan West, has identified 80 of these Congressman as belonging to front groups for either the Communist party or the Muslim Brotherhood, or both.

The Muslim Brotherhood Invasion of  DHS and the White House

Is any interpretation needed to see where this is headed?

The Deputy Chief of Staff to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin

This section is not about Muslims serving in the White House. America has no problem with this so long as they uphold their oath to protect and defend the Constitution. This section is also not about The embarrassed and disgraced wife of deposed Congressman, Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, has undeniable family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. In an interview with FrontPageMag, anti-Islamist activist and author Walid Shoebat explained that Huma’s mother, Saleha Abedin, is and was deeply involved with the Muslim Brotherhood and that Huma’s brother, Hassan, is on the board of the Oxford Centre For Islamic Studies (OCIS) where he is a fellow and partners with other board members including “Al-Qaeda associate, Omar Naseef and the notorious Muslim Brotherhood leader Sheikh Youssef Qaradawi; both have been listed as OCIS Trustees.” Has the FBI stopped vetting Federal governmental employees in highly sensitive positions?

Department of Homeland Security Deputy Mayor, Arif Alikhan


In the publication, Discover the Networks, the editors discuss the background as it relates to highly sensitive federal agency employment (e.g. DHS) and the Muslim terrorist affiliations ofArif Alikhan. Alikhan’s resume is very impressive.

  • “Former deputy mayor of Homeland Security and Public Safety for the City of Los Angeles

  • Was responsible for derailing the LAPD’s plan to monitor activities within the Los Angeles Muslim community

  • Was appointed as assistant secretary for the Office of Policy Development in Barack Obama’s Department of Homeland Security in 2009

  • Became a Professor of Homeland Security and Counterterrorism in 2010.”

  • Now serving as a distinguished, visiting professor at the National Defense University.

Alikhan was responsible for derailing the LAPD‘s efforts to monitor radical and potentially terrorist activities within the city’s Muslim community, where numerous radical mosques were known to have provided aid and comfort to the 9/11 hijackers.

Alikhan, an openly devout Sunni Muslim, has openly participated in a Muslim Public Affairs Council fundraiser titled “Be the Change,” in order to support that organization’s leadership-development programs which openly advocates for the Sharia Law takeover of the United States. The open support for this Sharia Law intention to overthrow the U.S. government, on the part of an American citizen, is illegal. When such an advocate is a Federal employee in a sensitive position this person should disqualify one from holding sensitive positions within the government.

Obama Administration Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships, Eboo Patel

If you were on the FBI team vetting Presidential appointees, would you grant your seal of approval to the grandson of the Muslim Brotherhood’s founder, Siraj Wahhaj, who was named as a co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and who has defended the convicted WTC bombers. Well, somebody thought Eboo Patel, the man in question would make a splendid member of Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships.

Additionally, Patel, himself, spoke at a Muslim Students Association and ISNA Convention, while appearing on a panel, and also being partnered with Tariq Ramadan.

Ramadan is the grandson of Siraj Wahhaj, who was named as a possible co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and has defended the convicted WTC bombers. Wahhaj  advocates for the Islamic takeover of America under the banner of Sharia Law.

All of these people combined, plus GEORGE SOROS, are poised to overthrow this government and the intention, to do so, extends deep into every agency. Obama had 8 years to plant subversive time bombs.

State Department Employee, Monika Wesolowski

For the past 72 hours, I have covered the case of State Department employee, Monika Wesolowski. Through and off-handed, unintentional comment, Monika revealed that State Department brochures obfuscate the presence of child-sex trafficking inside the territorial boundaries of the United States.

Since I published the two part story about Monika, I have heard from several Federal employees who verify the aforementioned concern and futher, they make claims that parts of our Federal government are actually involved in facilitating child-sex trafficking and the people’s resources are involved.