UN Boss Urges Schools to Promote Wealth Redistribution & Control

Written by  Alex Newman

From FreedomProject Media:

In an interview with an arm of the official United Nations propaganda machine, UN General Assembly President Peter Thomson (shown) said he is working with governments worldwide to indoctrinate children into supporting the totalitarian “Agenda 2030” produced by the dictators club. Indeed, the school curricula in every country must incorporate the UN’s so-called “Sustainable Development Goals,” or SDGs, he explained.

For those who are still unfamiliar with the totalitarian UN “Agenda 2030,” it’s essentially a recipe for global socialism and technocracy. It calls for international wealth redistribution, total government control over economic production, indoctrination of children, and more. The scheme vows to “transform our world” and “leave no one behind.” Top UN leaders call it the “Declaration of Interdependence.”

Brutal dictators and mass-murderers from around the world — socialists, communists, Islamists, and more — fervently endorsed it. And the Communist Chinese regime, which has murdered more people than any other government in human history, boasted through its propaganda organs of its “crucial role” in creating the UN master plan for humanity.

But now, the children have to be brought on board. Speaking to Africa Renewal, a project of the Africa Section of the UN Department of Public Information, UN boss Thomson highlighted everything he has done to promote the UN’s SDGs around the world. Schools, in particular, are at the center of it, with children described in the document as “critical agents of change.”

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Rockefeller Funded World Government makes many of the US decisions

U.N. Official Admits Global Warming Agenda Is Really About Destroying Capitalism

All of these movements seem to have a hidden agenda that the press helps to misrepresent all the time

Will ‘Unsettling Facts About Our Planet’s Past’ And ‘Warnings About Our Future’ Soon Be Revealed?

More Warnings Come Out ‘Pole Shift’ Is Long Overdue


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

“It began as a search for Atlantis. But Charles Hapgood’s discovery of our shifting planet is perhaps more profound. If his data is correct, we’ve got to face some unsettling facts about our Earth’s past and — and more importantly — our future.”

The new story from the Daily Mail that Steve Quayle linked to on his website this morning warns that the Earth’s magnetic poles are well overdue for a ‘flip’ and while they also report that geomagnetic reversals only occur a few times every million years on average, certainly drastically reducing the chance that one will happen in most of our lifetimes, their story is another warning that we should all prepare ourselves for such a worst case scenario…just in case.

While clearly the odds of such a pole shift happening ‘on our watch’ are few and far between, some of the effects that would come along with such a reversal could have many other causes. So warnings that a reversal ‘could cause chaos in everything’ could also go along with a massive and destructive solar flare, severe space weather, an EMP launched over America by a rogue nation such as North Korea or even a cyber attack that brings down our power grid.

We take a look below at several new video reports that look at this latest ‘pole shift warning’ as well as a new video which studies the controversial ‘crust displacement theory’ of Charles Hapgood which dates back to 1958. Hapgood’s theory is one ‘pole shift theory’ we’re sure we’ll never hear from the mainstream media or ‘modern science’.

The original story over at Science Alert reports that we’re totally unprepared here for a pole reversal and that things were much different here on our planet Earth the last time one came around. With most Americans now completely dependent upon the grid, we’re told that the full impact of a pole reversal today cannot be known though some studies have attempted to link past pole reversals with mass extinctions.:

The impact of a major storm on today’s electronic infrastructure is not fully known.

Of course any time spent without electricity, heating, air conditioning, GPS or internet would have a major impact; widespread blackouts could result in economic disruption measuring in tens of billions of US dollars a day.

In terms of life on Earth and the direct impact of a reversal on our species we cannot definitively predict what will happen as modern humans did not exist at the time of the last full reversal.

Several studies have tried to link past reversals with mass extinctions – suggesting some reversals and episodes of extended volcanism could be driven by a common cause.


And while we hope that since President Donald Trump has come into office, he and his band of experts will address the ‘EMP problem’ that Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, Executive Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and Director of the U.S. Nuclear Strategy Forum who also served on the Congressional EMP Commission, has written about many times, the fact that Obama has left America so completely vulnerable to EMP is rightfully a concern to experts…

As we previously reported on ANP back in October of 2016, Barack Obama had signed an Executive Order requiring the government to prepare the nation for ‘space weather’ events. The wording of the EO certainly sounded dire and briefly outline what we might face as a nation should our power grid go down over large parts of the country or small.:

Section 1. Policy. Space weather events, in the form of solar flares, solar energetic particles, and geomagnetic disturbances, occur regularly, some with measurable effects on critical infrastructure systems and technologies, such as the Global Positioning System (GPS), satellite operations and communication, aviation, and the electrical power grid. Extreme space weather events — those that could significantly degrade critical infrastructure — could disable large portions of the electrical power grid, resulting in cascading failures that would affect key services such as water supply, healthcare, and transportation. Space weather has the potential to simultaneously affect and disrupt health and safety across entire continents. Successfully preparing for space weather events is an all-of-nation endeavor that requires partnerships across governments, emergency managers, academia, the media, the insurance industry, non-profits, and the private sector.

It is the policy of the United States to prepare for space weather events to minimize the extent of economic loss and human hardship. The Federal Government must have (1) the capability to predict and detect a space weather event, (2) the plans and programs necessary to alert the public and private sectors to enable mitigating actions for an impending space weather event, (3) the protection and mitigation plans, protocols, and standards required to reduce risks to critical infrastructure prior to and during a credible threat, and (4) the ability to respond to and recover from the effects of space weather. Executive departments and agencies (agencies) must coordinate their efforts to prepare for the effects of space weather events.


In what could be looked at as an absolute worst case scenario that was outlined all the way back in 1958 by Charles Hapgood who explained his Earth Crust displacement theory, Hapgood suggests:

The Earth’s crust had undergone repeated displacements and that the geological concepts of continental drift and sea-floor spreading owed their secondary livelihoods to the primary nature of crustal shift.

Crustal shift was made possible by a layer of liquid rock situated beneath the surface of the planet.

A pole shift would thus displace the Earth’s crust in around the inner mantle, resulting in crustal rock’s being exposed to magnetic fields of a different direction.

As historian Immanuel Velikovsky, author of the best-selling book Earth in Upheaval, has warned, if such a scenario ever comes true, it could lead to complete and utter catastrophe:

‘Let us assume, as a working hypothesis, that under the impact of a force or the influence of an agent – and the Earth does not travel in an empty universe – the axis of the earth shifted or tilted. At that moment an earthquake would make the globe shudder. Air and water would continue to move through inertia; hurricanes would sweep the Earth, and the seas would rush over continents, carrying gravel and sand and marine animals, and casting them onto land. Heat would be developed, rocks would melt, volcanoes would erupt, lava would flow from fissures in the ruptured ground and cover vast areas.

Mountains would spring up from the plains and would climb and travel upon the shoulders of other mountains, causing faults and rifts. Lakes would be tilted and emptied, rivers would change their beds; large land areas and all their inhabitants would slip under the sea. Forests would burn, and the hurricanes and wild seas would wrest them from the ground on which they grew and pile them, branch and root, in heaps. Seas would turn into deserts, their waters rolling away.

‘And if the change in the velocity of the diurnal rotation [slowing the planet down] should accompany the shifting of the axis, the water confined to the equatorial oceans by centrifugal force would retreat to the poles, and high tides and hurricanes would rush from pole to pole, carrying reindeers and seals to the tropics and desert lions to the Arctic, moving from the equator up to the mountain ridges of the Himalayas and down the African jungles; and crumbled rocks torn from splintering mountains would be scattered over large distances; and herds of animals would be washed from the plains of Siberia.

The shifting of the axis would change the climate in every place, leaving corals in Newfoundland and elephants in Alaska, fig trees in northern Greenland and luxuriant forests in Antarctica. In the event of a rapid shift of the axis, many species and genera of animals on land and in the sea would be destroyed, and civilizations, if any, would be reduced to ruins.’


And while we promise not to lose any sleep over the tiny possibility that sometime like that will happen within our lifetime,  if we look at every such scenario as another opportunity to get ready for that day we pray never happens, we’ll be ready for just about anything to happen in the future.

The fact that Americans are so completely dependent upon electricity and our electrical grid to get through the days is incredibly concerning though, and the kind of thing that probably gives national security experts nightmares. As experts on EMP have long warned, any extended outage of electricity here in America that quite literally sends us back to the dark ages could quickly lead to the deaths of 90% of us or more.

A scenario such as that outlined by Hapgood and Velikovsky would obviously up those numbers to a ‘Biblical catastrophe’ scenario. And as experts warn, if such a couple-times-in-a-million-years scenario unfolds here, we’re totally unprepared for it…no matter how well prepared we might think we are.

The first two videos both take a look at this latest warning while the 2nd video also asks if what we’re witnessing is tied to Biblical prophecy. In the final video below, our videographer breaks down Hapgood’s controversial theory.


Bombshell ‘Weather Modification Disclosure’ Proves The ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Were Right All Along! Is China Waging Full Scale Weather War Against The United States? All Evidence Indicates Yes!

Will President Trump Soon Reveal More Globalists Secrets?


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

While the mainstream media will continue to destroy itself by claiming that ‘weather modification’ is something only spoken about by ‘tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists’ or outright call it ‘fake news’, this new story from The Sun via the nation of China itself should forever put an end to the fake news claim that man cannot control the weather.

Warned of by Steve Quayle many years ago in his book “Weather Wars & Un-Natural Disasters”, those who’ve ridiculed should be eating crow now. With China announcing they will make it rain over an area twice the size of France, proving to the world once and for all that weather modification does indeed exist, we remind you that Quayle warned of this long ago, stating: “Technology will make available, to the leaders of the major nations, techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of security forces need be appraised… Techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm.”


For those who are still ‘awakening’, further proof can be found documented on the Geoengineering website of Dane Wigington who shares with us nearly 100 years of weather modification patents and documents, proving that ‘the gatekeepers’ have been lying to the American people for a very, very long time.

We’ve also previously reported on the US Air Force’s “Weather As A Force Multiplier – Owning The Weather In 2025” which can be found itself right here. In the first video below, the Daily Sheeple talks with us about this bombshell proof coming to us straight from China, of all places, that weather modification and ‘man attempting to play God’ is reality, not some tinfoil-hat conspiracy theory.

As we reported back in July of 2016, even former CIA Director John Brennan recently admitted during a talk with the Council on Foreign Relations that technologies were available to help reverse global warming. Telling the CFR that some nations might not be too happy about the use of SAI’s (strategic aerosol injections is what they call ‘chemtrails’) as the use of them were able to change weather patterns, providing bountiful crop-producing weather to some regions while delivering devastating drought to others, Brennan confirmed what many of us have known for a very long time but the masses still call ‘conspiracy theory’. How many more ‘conspiracy theories’ are correct as well?

There is also a brand new documentary out now called “Overcast” which was worked upon for almost 7-years and documents the ongoing geoengineering programs that are going on over our heads. Documenting the thousands of hours of research was done, Overcast conducted over 40 interviews across 10 different countries with the intention of proving that geoengineering exists in order to begin the process of stopping these ongoing worldwide crimes.

OVERCAST incorporated both sides of the controversy, the debunkers and established scientists as well as the activists. The film brilliantly shows how the debunkers debunk themselves with their limited argumentation and lack of scientific data.

For the first time in the movement’s history Matthias took samples directly out of the trails back in 2009. This research flight is not in the film but can be seen (embedded by ANP as the final video below.)

The other two flights are building the red line of the film. After the film was almost completed, a very rare study from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology came out with some groundbreaking results; unregulated metals of aluminum and barium were found in the jet fuel, as described in many geoengineering patents (e.g. Welsbach, Huko).

OVERCAST is a movie that everybody should watch in order to get the best arguments. Show it to your skeptical and unaware friends to wake them up. It is a film that gives the whole issue and movement the credibility needed in order to stop this crime. OVERCAST has already been shown in over 12 film festivals worldwide.


Will the MSM finally admit that weather modification, what they’ve long called ‘conspiracy theory’ or ‘fake news’, is indeed reality? Will they say that ‘China making it rain’ is fake news? While we won’t hold our breaths waiting for disclosure from them, the fact that President Donald Trump is now in office has some people claiming he may soon share with the American people the NWO’s hidden secrets.

As Alex Jones from Infowars asks in the 2nd video below, will Trump address the chemtrail/geoengineering issue that most awakened Americans see every day in the skies above us? In the 3rd video below, also from Infowars, Jones asks if Trump will share with Americans groundbreaking medical research that is still being kept secret into life extension and disease cures. That video has been viewed over 210,000 times already in just days.

In the 4th video below, we see the official trailer of the movie Overcast, giving us even more proof that what has long been called ‘conspiracy theory’ by the mainstream media has actually been going on in the skies above us for a very, very long time.

With President Trump now in office, will the American people get ‘chemtrail/weather modification’ disclosure? There are clearly so many things that the American people have been lied to about over many years and if Trump’s inaugural address was correct when he stated, “We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the Earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow”, the American people could soon be in for a ‘massive awakening’. Nothing ‘awakens’ people as quickly as a sudden jolt of reality.






‘It’s the portal to the upside down world!’ Southern California residents react to a unique cloud formation that appeared this weekend

  • Rare phenomenon is bizarre cloud formation called fallstreak or hole-punch cloud
  • Fallstreaks form in clouds of supercooled water droplets 
  • Aircraft punching through this cloud layer can cause air to expand and cool as it passes over the aircraft, creating the hole

Southern California residents were treated to a far-out sight as a rare cloud formation made for a unique daytime sky on Saturday.

The rare atmospheric phenomenon is a strange cloud formation of fallstreak, or hole-punch, clouds.

Experts say the stunning clouds that look like brushstrokes or seashells – even apt for the coastal region – are caused by a rare but rather ordinary atmospheric occurrence.

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Beauty in the ordinary: The stunning cloud formation that appeared over the Southern California sky this weekend adds another dimension to a parking lot

Beauty in the ordinary: The stunning cloud formation that appeared over the Southern California sky this weekend adds another dimension to a parking lot

The rare atmospheric phenomenon that recently appeared in SoCal is a strange cloud formation, known as fallstreak, or hole-punch clouds. Pictured: Santa Monica Mountains

The rare atmospheric phenomenon that recently appeared in SoCal is a strange cloud formation, known as fallstreak, or hole-punch clouds. Pictured: Santa Monica Mountains

The view from Griffith Observatory shows the unique cloud formation over the Los Angeles Basin. These clouds form when temps in the sky are below freezing, but water droplets in the clouds have yet to freeze

The view from Griffith Observatory shows the unique cloud formation over the Los Angeles Basin. These clouds form when temps in the sky are below freezing, but water droplets in the clouds have yet to freeze

These unfamiliar clouds form when temperatures in the sky are below freezing, but water droplets in the clouds have yet to freeze due to a lack of ice particles.

When ice particles form quickly, it causes a domino effect as the water droplets connect with the crystals, which get heavier and then start to fall all of a sudden – leaving a large hole in the cloud.

The wispy clouds that form in the center of the hole are the water particles falling.

Passing airplanes are thought to be the reason behind the formation of these clouds, since a drop in pressure caused by their wings or propeller tips cools the air quickly.

Rainbows are sometimes seen with fallstreak clouds, thanks to light refracting off the water droplets.

The wispy clouds that form in the center of the hole are the water particles falling. Stephanie Hamilton Carr wrote that the phenomenon looked like 'a portal or invisible mother board ship'

The wispy clouds that form in the center of the hole are the water particles falling. Stephanie Hamilton Carr wrote that the phenomenon looked like ‘a portal or invisible mother board ship’

The clouds burst at the Women's March: Sebastian Rivera snapped this shot of LA's City Hall during the city's women's march on Saturday against Donald Trump's political agenda

The clouds burst at the Women’s March: Sebastian Rivera snapped this shot of LA’s City Hall during the city’s women’s march on Saturday against Donald Trump’s political agenda


A fallstreak hole forms when part of the cloud layer forms ice crystals which are large enough to fall as a ‘fallstreak’.

They form in clouds of supercooled water droplets – water below 0°C but not yet frozen.

These water droplets need a tiny particle to freeze or to be cooled below -40 °C.

Aircraft punching through this cloud layer can cause air to expand and cool as it passes over the aircraft wings or propeller.

This change in temperature can be enough to encourage the supercooled droplets to freeze and fall from the cloud layer in this distinctive pattern.

High contrast: The cloud appears majestic against a green and brown earthen landscape and blue sky

High contrast: The cloud appears majestic against a green and brown earthen landscape and blue sky

Victoria Harrison wrote: 'It's the portal to the upside down world'

Victoria Harrison wrote: ‘It’s the portal to the upside down world’

Dulce Castro said her five-year-old thought the clouds looked like footprints

Dulce Castro said her five-year-old thought the clouds looked like footprints

Ending the hoax: Team Trump removes all references to ‘climate change’ on Whitehouse.gov web site

Image: Ending the hoax: Team Trump removes all references to ‘climate change’ on Whitehouse.gov web site

(NaturalNews) During the campaign, then-GOP nominee Donald J. Trump said he was not convinced that so-called “manmade global warming” and “climate change” was real, pointing out that instead of being “settled science,” there was plenty of conflicting information out there (not to mention outright fraudulent manipulations of temperature data).

As president, Trump’s position appears to be consistent with his skepticism.

Shortly after being inaugurated on Friday, the official Whitehouse.gov web site was scrubbed of all references to climate change. See the difference here.

During the Obama administration, the official White House site carried an information piece titled, “A Historic Commitment to Protecting the Environment and Addressing the Impacts of Climate Change,” which explained the former president’s commitment to policies that were ostensibly designed to reverse human impact on the climate through industrialization and modernization.

Obama, like all climate change hoaxers, claimed that it was the ‘biggest threat to our children’ than nuclear war or terrorism, and he regularly trotted out “data” that his federal bureaucracy claimed was “proof” that a) the Earth’s climate is “changing” and b) it’s because too many cows fart and too many Americans drive SUVs.

But Trump—and a host of genuinely independent scientists and climatologists interested in real data—has never bought into the hype. What’s more, he and millions of Americans watched as Obama’s business and economic policies destroyed jobs and opportunity because they were based on something more akin to a religion. (RELATED: How are ‘they’ fooling us today? Find out at Hoax.news)

“Climate skeptics are thrilled that one of the very first visible changes of the transition of power between President Obama and President Trump is the booting of ‘climate change’ from the White House website,” said a statement from Climate Depot, a project of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, or CFACT, which documents climate change hoaxes and phony data. “Trump is truly going to make science great again and reject the notion that humans are the control knob of the climate and UN treaties and EPA regulations can somehow regulate temperature and storminess. Welcome to the era of sound science!”

While the Obama-era climate change page has been taken down, the Trump administration has uploaded the president’s “America First Energy Plan” to the Whitehouse.gov site in its place.

“Energy is an essential part of American life and a staple of the world economy. The Trump Administration is committed to energy policies that lower costs for hardworking Americans and maximize the use of American resources, freeing us from dependence on foreign oil,” the plan says. “For too long, we’ve been held back by burdensome regulations on our energy industry. President Trump is committed to eliminating harmful and unnecessary policies such as the Climate Action Plan and the Waters of the U.S. rule. Lifting these restrictions will greatly help American workers, increasing wages by more than $30 billion over the next 7 years.”

The plan also notes that “sound” energy policy must begin with the acknowledgement that the United States has vast, untapped energy reserves that have been placed under federal ‘protection’ for decades by previous administrations. The administration says it is committed to unlocking those reserves and embracing the shale oil and gas “revolution” that will bring good-paying jobs to millions of Americans. (RELATED: What’s going on with American energy? Find out at Power.news)

That kind of a policy plays right into the hands of the angry Left, which has claimed for months that Trump would destroy the environment by making our air and water dirtier. But such ridiculous claims are based on the irrational premise that our new president wants us to have dirty air and water—which is something he, too, would suffer.

The web site says there is an estimated $50 trillion in untapped shale in the U.S., along with oil, and natural gas, “especially those on federal lands that the American people own.” The administration would use the revenues from energy production to “rebuild our roads, schools, bridges and public infrastructure,” which Trump frequently brought up on the campaign trail. By tapping into U.S. reserves, energy prices will come down for all Americans, and “will be a big boost to American agriculture as well.”

The Trump administration also said it will be committed to clean coal technology, as well as reviving the coal industry so ravaged under the Obama regime.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for Natural News and News Target, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.





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