Soros’ Two-Pronged Attack Upon the American People


Americans are under attack from two distinct directions. First, there is an overt and full-frontal assault underway against tradition America by the radical left. These attacks have targeted President Trump, but they are directed at us.

The second prong of this attack is covert and will be covered in Part Three of this series.

Make no mistake, George Soros is the architect.

Open Season on Traditional America

The right to self-determination, securing the borders and our Constitutionally protected liberties are under extreme attack. If one is White, Christian, heterosexual and doesn’t want or expect government welfare, you are under extreme attack. If you fall into one of these categories, your First Amendment rights are being threatened and soon, even some of your lives will be in jeopardy.

The globalists desperately tried to get Clinton elected by hook or crook. However, all the King’s horses and all the King’s men could not perpetrate enough voter fraud to overcome the will of the people. Estimates range from 12 million to 27 million votes were stolen. It still was not enough.  The overwhelming number of American that rejected Satanic globalism is mind numbing. To do what the American people did was nothing short of a miracle. We were bombarded by the MSM on acored daily basis to vote for Clinton. The entire government was geared toward this end. And still, we voted for Trump. Some say, by as much as 70%. Because these attacks have failed to unseat the populist movement, the globalists are also pursing a covert, Trojan Horse strategy and that will be the topic of Part Three.

The Attacks On Our Common Sense and Values Continue

The orchestrated attacks upon President Trump, which are really direct attacks upon the United States people, continue unabated.

The radical left is so full of panic, their public display of disdain is completely devoid of logic and common sense. For example, let’s consider the “marching women”.  They are protesting for women’s rights, yet they cross-over to the Syrian immigration issue, in which this culture treats women as badly as any society on the planet. They speak out for LGBT rights, yet they support importing people from a culture that beheads Gays and Lesbians. Their leader supports Arab causes, not feminist causes. It is hard to get a read on what these women want. In fact think it would be interesting to know the collective IQ of this group given their terribly flawed logic. And to the American women, as you are deciding on your opinion of this group, please consider the entire culture views women as a distinctly second class citizen.

With regard to the airport protestors, I hope that George Soros is paying the protestors enough money so that they don’t mind looking like a complee moron. What exactly is it they are protesting? In case they cannot see beyond the 18 dollars per hour paid out by Soros to many of his protestors, you are protesting national security. They are protesting laws that have been on the books for 150 years. They are protesting President Trump’s actions which were also performed by Carter and Obama.

The Syrians come from a culture that hates America, and rightly so. Under Obama we have perpetrated a foreign policy that has destroyed their country and left millions dead. They should hate our country and one would expect that they would relish the opportunity to strike back at their version of the “great satan”.  FBI director, James Comey, estimates that 10% of this group is radicalized, and who could blame them?

So what is it they are protesting? They are protesting a policy which says we are instituting a thorough screening process for immigrants in areas in which terrorism runs rampant, and until then, we are suspending immigration from these countries until we can properly assess the individual suitability for those who want to come into our country. The ban is not permanent, it is temporary and precautionary. So, the airport protestors represent the results of the dumbing down of America. Only a person who is dumber than a box of rocks would protest policies designed to protect the American people while fully intending on continuing with immigration.

The CALEXIT movement and the conflict with Mexican President Nieto, are designed to promote as much civil unrest as possible. Nieto and CALEXIT are joined at the hip. In fact, Mexican government officials are attending CALEXIT meetings according to the embedded sources of Paul Preston. This is the third leg of the overt attack upon conservative America. Here is an interview I did with Paul Preston which lays out in detail what is really going on.

I fully expect that when these three avenues of attack against America bear no lasting effects, we will then see the false flag attacks begin.

Here Come the False Flags

What form will the false flag attacks take? I agree with Ron Paul, America is heading directly for a financial meltdown and that the globalists are actively behind the collapse.  It will happen under President Trump and this long-range strategy will no doubt get many Americans to falsely blame Trump for America’s meltdown. This is a long-range strategy designed to prevent Trump’s re-election.

There are, however, more immediate short-term false flag attacks that can take place. I full expect things to occur, such as the fire-bombing of Black churches by covert operatives from the radical left in order to inflame more racial violence.

The radical left can cyber-attack the grid, and/or the banking system and blame the Russians. World War III would certainly throw the Trump administration into chaos.

I think it is possible  that we could see “Russian” false flag various miliary attacks upon America in which the Russians are falsely blamed.

Some people are wondering how I could possibly suggest that these events could take place? Simple, I have been covering this elite mafia for years and I have their playbook. Their moves are repetitive and therefore, predictable. But there is one thing that is not predictable and it has not happened before, and it is coming.


The full frontal assault upon America will continue and it is possible that these strategies cold break the back of Trmp’s administration.

There is another more nefarious attack that is already underway and it is the me us of predictive programming and a Trojan Horse strategy that will bring utter chaos to America and potentially destroy Trump’s administration. This strategy involves the Internet, the NSA, DARPA. a Trojan Horse and predictive programming. This will be the topic of Part III.

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