Unbelievable: She’s Back, Set To Star As Talk Show Host While Democrats Plan Her Re-Run Strategy

The loon returns.....

It reads like the ending of a Hollywood B-movie horror flick. The Jason or Freddy that just when you thought the hero had vanquished the monster, it revives for one last scene or sequel. You want to turn away in disgust, but you know that the gratuitous violence is coming so you resign yourself to the predictable Hollywood outcome.

The other day, Hillary Clinton assembled a group of friends at Whitehaven, her home in Washington, D.C., where she raised a glass of wine and proposed a toast. “I’ll be back!” she said, imitating the growl of Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator. Everyone laughed at Hillary’s rare attempt at humor about her shocking presidential defeat.

But back as what?

Are the rumors true that she is considering a run for mayor of New York City? Is she interested in becoming the president of a university, a foundation, or a think tank? Believe it or not, Hillary Clinton is considering another run for president, and is mulling the idea of launching a television talk show to soften the ground for 2020.

Clinton would be 73 years old if she were to challenge President Donald Trump, again, and win the White House the next time around. Launching a TV program now would make her America’s second-oldest female news or talk show host on the small screen, after only Joy Behar of ‘The View.

“She thinks being the host of a popular TV show would energize the Democratic Party base and her tens of millions of fans. It’s a way to make a comeback and position herself for another run at the White House starting in a year or so.”

A planned comeback as a presidential candidate for the third time would preclude the idea of running for mayor of New York City. It would also take more lucrative opportunities off the table, including corporate boards and university chancellorships. But the Clintons are among the nation’s richest Democratic politicians, reaping hundreds of millions of dollars in speaking fees since Bill Clinton left the White House in 2001.

Clinton doesn’t think Barack Obama will fight enough for liberal priorities, “which leaves an opening for her to be the acknowledged leader-in-exile of her party.” So now Hillary has somehow decided that she is the only authentic voice and savior of the Democratic Left. Then they have the tenacity to call Donald Trump a narcissist?

the scheming never stops

Politico talked to some Clinton allies who say the former secretary of state is waiting out the Democratic National Committee chair election in February, as it’s shaping up to be an ideological rematch of the Clinton versus Sen. Bernie Sanders Democratic primary war.

Their inner circle is also advocating a ‘wait-and-see’ approach before she steps into a more public-facing role, in part so they can see if President Donald Trump’s poll numbers sink, which in turn means Hillary Clinton’s could rise.

‘I’m certain Trump will screw up enough that by the fall of ’18, Hillary’s numbers will be way up again,’ predicted Clinton friend and former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell to the online publication, referring to the timing of the congressional midterm elections, the party’s next big test.

Clinton’s former campaign manager Robby Mook and members of his team are putting together presentations that include where there were date and polling errors and where in the electorate she underperformed, a Democrat familiar with the project told Politico.

Bill Clinton has also involved himself, poring over the precinct-level data, while complaining to friends about the involvement of FBI Director James Comey – who received a warm embrace yesterday in the White House from President Trump – and the Russians’ involvement in the election, Politico, learned.

“She understands that a forensic exam of the campaign is necessary, not only for her, but for the party and other elected officials, and for the investors in the campaign.

People want to know that their investment was treated with respect, but that their mistakes wouldn’t be repeated.”

This would be laughable if it were not so sad. Hillary has run and lost a presidential bid twice now and instead of concluding that the American people have rejected her and her corrupt ways that somehow she didn’t tell her lies in a manner that the American people would swallow hook, line, and sinker.

It when all is said in done shows exactly how little regard and respect for the American voter the Clintons truly have. In their minds it is not that the American people do not want another Clinton Administration; scratch that, the American people found ways to like and grudgingly respect Bubba Bill Clinton, but they in no way shape or form want a Hillary Clinton Administration.

The results are back, and HILLARY, you are NOT the President

She has shown as First Lady, as Senator and as Secretary of State that she cares more about personal empowerment and enrichment than her country. There are Democrats and Progressives I can grudgingly admire for the simple fact that I know that from watching them they do have the betterment of the nation at heart. Governors like Martin O’Malley I think truly want America to succeed. I just disagree with them on policy.

The Clintons have no personal convictions, no patriotism, and no abject concern for the betterment of America. No patriot could ask, “What does it matter” after the deaths of 4 Americans at an embassy. No patriot would run a foundation that sells political favors to the enemies of America’s vital interests for cash.

Let Hillary have her talk show, after all; she has enough hot air to host one. Let her be the new Maury Povich or the new Jerry Springer. Let us banish this she demon from New York to day time talk with the rest of the losers where she belongs.

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