Declaring War On the Trolls

trolls 2

President Trump is engaged in an all-out war against his administration and himself, personally. Trolls abound with their messages of deception. There is no time to for the Independent Media, and the country as a whole, to be taken off of the path that we have embarked on. Therefore, it is critical that the Independent Media no longer tolerate trolls and use of the term, conspiracy theorist, to describe our work. Our mission is extremely important and we cannot be taken off of our path.

We need to keep our eye on the ball and keep the pressure on Congress, in order to enact the President’s populist policies. We cannot be taken off of the mark by the trolls that are increasing in their number, scope and influence.

The  Great Unwashed

It is one thing for someone who has never heard of the New World Order to visit several websites, like mine, and be overwhelmed when they are repeatedy being told that everything that they thought was true is a lie and they express doubt and confusion. I love to educate these people in terms they can understand. This is why I do this job, because Satan, the great destroyer, wants to rob these previcious people of their freedom, money and ultimately their salvation. And the job of the corporate controlled media is to keep these people ignorant so they are easier to manage.  I am trying to stop that from happening. I seek no credit or admiration for my work until I face the Lord, for my accounting, and I can tell him I did the best I knew how to do and I hope that he will show me his mercy.

I have literally seen thousands, and now with the Trump phenomenon, millions, who have transformed their world view. I have seen people come to Jesus because they correctly see our struggle as a war between good and evil.  I have seen that they begin to see a little bit of what we, in the Independent Media, have been talking about. Then they learn a little more…. and more… and then they realize that their lives and the lives of their family members are truly at risk. God bless the innocent of mind and the unaware, it is our duty to help these people understand the world that they live in so they can see why Jesus is the only answer to any and all of our problems.

Declaring War on the Trolls

It is quite another issue when someone who is profoundly ignorant of the threats that we face in ths country comes to a website, or youtube channel, or one of our radio shows, and acts like a know-it-all when they completely demonstrate that they know nothing, or worse yet, have an agenda to discredit the truth. The first words out of their collective, globalist-controlled mouths are typically “you are a fear monger”. They do not click on the hypertext links that demonstrate the validities of the claims being made, or they do not want to know because they have an agenda. Their responses are programmed by a corporate controlled media who has their dwindling flock believing that there is no such thing as a conspiracy theory and that no two men would ever get together and plan to do something bad. The former belief is the height of ignorance, or stupidity or the epitomy of a NWO deception.

Unfortunately, there are those who, as Jack Nicholson said in a Few Good Men, “can’t handle the truth”. I did a podcast in which I praised President Trump for his actions in his first few days in office. A lady wrote to me and said I was being too negative in relation to the story. There are some well-meaning people who would prefer to watch a sporting event or watch a show on gardening than be exposed to the ugly truth that is revealed by my colleagues in the Independent Media every single day. This information is upsetting and I understand that some cannot handle the truth. However, as reality closes in and even the most serious cases of cognitive dissonance can longer deny what is happening, these people will always be welcome by all of us in the Independent Media, with no consternation and ridicule.

Obstacles to Freedom

When I look at the obstacles to keeping my freedom, it is first, and obviously, the globalists who favor enslavement and depopulation (by 90%). This is followed by the shrinking corporate controlled propaganda media, followed by the ignoramouses that I am describing above.

Ignorance is one thing, I used to be ignorant, too, and still am on some of the means being used to enslave humanity. However, ignorance combined with arrogant pseudo-intellectualism is a major impediment to my freedom because of the risk that their gross ignorance combined with their profound arrogance and refusal to look at the facts, spreads like a mental form of Ebola and ensnares all unaware people around them. Enslavement first happens in the mind, and the net effect of their ignorance is the continuance of the enslavement that has crippled this country and the rest of the world. In case, these people have not noticed, the standard of living of the world is in steep decline. Christians are being persecuted across the planet, etc. Why? Is this just another accident or coincidence?

I love to teach, and I welcome questions and challenges that require explanation and verification. This is all part of the process of narrowing down the facts on the road to the truth. However, nonsensical terms, mindlessly repeated as part of corporate controlled media rhetoric, are not to be tolerated by journalists who are risking their lives, and in some cases, have given their lives in the name of educating the public (e.g. Hastings, Breitbart, Braverman(?)).

I encourage my listeners, viewers and readers as well as my colleagues, who face the same dangers, to reject anyone who uses terms like fear porn, fear mongering and conspiracy theory. Although, we in the Independent Media don’t get everything 100% right, ask yourself a question,  “Who has the far better track record in the past year when covering the election and related events”? Was it the corporate controlled media, or the Independent Media? How about all those ABC-Reuters-NBC-CNN polls that said up until two days before the election that Clinton was going to win by double digits? How about the voter fraud the Independent Media exposed, repeatedly, that is now surfacing thanks to President Trump. President Trump, doesn’t that sound great?


In large part, Donald Trump is sitting in the Oval Office today because of the efforts of the Independent Media. This too, is why CNN, MSNBC, et al ratings are in the toilet as many people have awakened to the fact that they these so-called news outlets are no more than factories of disinformation controlled by the forces who send your jobs overseas for cheap labor, who allow uncontrolled illegal immigration that is destroying the wage structure in America, who keep us captive in monopolistic practices in healthcare, that keep us sick and produce the highest healthcare costs in the world and who are bleeding America dry before they pull the curtain on the American way of life..

What is the best way to defeat the trolls as we march towards freedom and eventual salvation? The answer is simple: Control-alt-delete. 

In short, I am declaing war on the trolls, not the ignorant, but the people that would have the masses sleep walk their way to the destruction that the globalists have promised in so many of their writings and that we witness in so many of their actions. What documents and what actions, some may ask? Welcome to the Independent Media where corporations have not yet found a way to impose their will on the truth.

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