Border Patrol “Probed” In Preparation for Attack


Paul Preston’s embedded sources have verified, beyond a shadow of any doubt, the participation of organized crime in Governor Jerry Brown’s task force in the CALEXIT movement. Why would Brown and the fincials backers of CALEXIT (e.g. Soros, the Bank of China, UN) would want deal with such as unsavory characters as LaFamilia’s cartel, the Sinoloa’s and LaRaza? The answer is simple, they are seeking to use thugs to create so much chaos and fear regarding CALEXIT that the rest of America would want to see California exit the United States.

If readers are unfamiliar with CALEXIT and the extreme implications that this movement has for every American, I would recommend reading yesterday’s article on the subject, the documentation is overwhelming.

Invasion of the Border

As previously documented, with regard to forcing America to let California go, part of the plan involves extreme disruption at the border and one might consider that this will be a sophisticated and coordinated action all across our 2,000 mile southern border. In fact, in a previous story I discussed how an official from PEMEX told me he had two relatives in the cartels and they were going north “to kill Americans”.

As previously reported, the trigger event for the outbreak of extreme violence at the border includes is an extreme gas shortage in Mexico. The shortage is artificially contrived and Obama, by diverting some oil from Mexico, caused the shortage. Mexico is in the process of pivoting towards China to solve its energy needs. And as I previously noted this opens the possibility of a Red Dawn scenario in which insurgency forces use Mexico as a conduit to invade America’s southern underbelly. If all of this seems outrageous to the reader, then I would suggest reviewing the extensive documentation in yesterday’s article in order to help connect the dots. Please note that the Mexican media has covered many of these events as I have previously reported on. However, there has been a virtual news blackout north of the border.

For weeks, both Paul Preston and I have been warning that there will be great trouble and danger on the border. That day is quickly arriving.

Finally, other news outlets are beginning to pick up on this story as well. From Zero Hedge:

“A couple of weeks ago we highlighted the protests that had engulfed Mexico after the finance ministry announced plans to raise gasoline prices by 20.1% starting January 1st.  While many people have looted gas stations and/or threatened to burn them down altogether, the latest protesting strategy of pissed off Mexican motorists is to seize control of border crossings with the United States and allow for a free flow of motorists into Mexico.  According to the AP, over the weekend roughly 50 protesters were able to take control of the Otay Mesa crossing that connects San Diego to Tijuana as border officials abandoned their posts.

Protesters took control of vehicle lanes at one of the busiest crossings on the U.S. border Sunday to oppose Mexican gasoline price hikes, waving through motorists into Mexico after Mexican authorities abandoned their posts.

Motorists headed to Mexico zipped by about 50 demonstrators at the Otay Mesa port of entry connecting San Diego and Tijuana, many of them honking to show support. The demonstrators waved signs to protest gas hikes and air other grievances against the government of Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.

Other protests closed southbound traffic for hours at the San Diego-Tijuana San Ysidro port of entry, the busiest crossing along the 2,000-mile border, and halted southbound traffic at one of two crossings in Nogales, Arizona. U.S. Customs and Border Protection and California Highway Patrol officers closed southbound Interstate 5 to block access to the San Ysidro crossing, diverting traffic several miles east to the Otay Mesa port of entry.”

….”Of course these latest protests follow reports from last week that Mexico’s drug cartels have been looting Pemex oil and gas pipelines in an effort to create their own brand new black market for petroleum products.  With a modest upfront capital investment of $5,000 – $8,000, the cartels have realized they can tap directly into state-owned gas pipelines and withdraw seemingly unlimited supplies of gasoline which they then sell along the highway at a discount to official government prices.  It’s a win-win situation whereby the drug cartels make 100% profit margins and citizens get “cheap” fuel.”

Please allow me to take this one step further with regard to this timely report from Zero Hedge. These disruptions and fuel heists will lead to extreme violence on the border between the cartels, the same as happens in the drug trade in battles over turf. This is part of the CALEXIT plan to force extreme violence which engulfs Americans and America and ensnares them in extreme violence. Please note that that most of the border “protests” are taking place on the California border. This is by design with the intent of creating the intolerable violence that is coming on the border.

The Border Patrol: “We Are Being Probed”

As many of our long-time readers can attest to, I made two excellent contacts in the Border Patrol during the 2014 Central American immigration invasion. I have maintained contact with these two individuals and frequently report their observations.

Three weeks ago, one of my Border Patrol contacts told me that they fear they are going to attacked at the border and it will be a “bloodbath”.  This source was concerned that a bum rush of the border would take place. Simultanesouly, paramilitary forces from, previously training in El Salvador will gain positions in the rear of the Border Patrol and decimate them in an extreme act of violence. He said that they know many of these paramilitary forces are already i place inside of the United States. Further, many more insurgents can gain entrance to positions north of the Border Patrol positions by accessing many of the undiscovered drug tunnels that they know exist.

With regard to the recent “protests” at the border’s ports of entry in California, the agent felt that “we are being measured”. Drawing upon his previous military training, he strongly feels that that the response time of the Border Patrol, the strength of the response, the associated manpower, the help of other law enforcement agencies and the weaponry and tactics involved were all being measured by these paramilitary groups in preparation for a major action. He stated “Why would the Mexicans protest gas shortages within Mexico at the border? This makes no sense, this is a contrived activity“.  He also stated that this is indeed a beta test for an attack upon the border and that “We showed an attacking force everything they would need to know in order to carry out an attack in the most recent protests“.


These border actions benefit the participants in CALEXIT. They benefit the Chinese because they get a foothold inside the United States from which to launch military operations. The Chinese are already taking control of California agriculture .Do you remember when the the producers of the remake of the movie Red Dawn were forced to change the attacking force from Chinese to North Korea? The original script obviously hit to close to home.

The cartels, who are part of CALEXIT, are getting their piece of the pie. The Bank of China, George Soros and the UN are making progress on their investment.

One thing is certain, DHS is hanging the Border Patrol out to dry.

Please note that Paul Preston will be a guest on The Common Sense Show this Sunday evening in the third hour.

Here is a summary of the border incursions from earlier this week.

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