Will America’s Counter-Revolution Be Successful?

I highly doubt it with these snowflakes. . . . .

A picture is worth a thousand words!

America has been conquered from within. Many have said that this is not the America that they have grown up in and they are correct. However, few people realize that America is an occupied nation.

There is a counter-revolution going on in America today and it is the Trump version of populism.

The Cold War Never Ended

Many Americans have adopted an historical view of the Cold War that is inaccurate and very dangerous. Many believe that when the Berlin Wall came down that was the end of the Communist threat for America.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Russia has never been defeated, it is not in their DNA to ever quit. Although they were forced to abandon their arms race with the United States, they adopted a guerrilla style war with the United States by conquering America from within. If one doubts that Obama is part of a Communist plot to takeover the US government, please read the following with an open mind.

The How and Why Behind Obama’s Mysterious Rise to the Presidency (parts 2 and 3 can be linked to from this article)

High Ranking Russian Defectors Warned of Attacks Upon the American Media

Please be aware that the two articles, linked to four articles, are only the tip of the iceberg. You could literally spend an entire day and investigating this by using the search engine on the website.

The fact remains, that there is a Communist/Muslim Brotherhood movement to takeover this country.

How effective have they been? The following is a snapshot answer to this question.

Sources: US Treasury Department, US Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Department of Agriculture, US Congressional Budget Office.

  • Debt per US Citizen – Year 2009 = $31,000……..Year 2017 $61,340 (-$30,340)
  • Labor Force Participation Rate – Year 2009= 65.8%….Year 2017 = 62.8%
  • Home Ownership rate -Year 2009 = 67.3%….. Year 2017 = 63.5%
  • Real Median Household Income – Year 2009= $57,744….. Year 2017 = $54,045 (-$3,699). This does not include 5% per year, adjusted for inflation.
  • Average Hath Insurance Rate – Family Plan – $12,680….. Year 2017 = $18,142
  • Food Stamp Dependency – Year 2009 = 32 million……Year 2017 = 43.6 million (-10.4 million) !!
  • Persons living in poverty – Year 2009 = 38 million….. Year 2017 = 45 million (7 million) !!
  • Number of people on Obamacare private insurance…Year End 2016 = 334,867
  • Number of people on Medicaid supplemental – Year End 2016 = 17.4 million
  • National Debt – Year 2009 = $10.6 Trillion…….Year 2017 = $20.1 Trillion (-$9.5 Trillion)
  • $240 trillion dollar unfunded, but mandated liability of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.
  •  Obama’s final economic gift to the American people includes a credit swap derivatives debt, of which Obama has granted full payment of $1.6 quadrillion credit swap derivatives debt with annual interest rate of $505 trillion. Please note that the US government only takes in $2 trillion per year.

Beginning four years ago, I wrote that Obama was the manifestation of what the Soviet defectors said was coming. Namely, they said we would be conquered from within. A moron could look at these economic numbers and conclude that they are so bad and that the devastation of this economy had to be deliberate and NOBODY could be this incompetent. This was a deliberate communist takeover of this country by first destroying our means of production in classic Marxian theory and Obama succeeded in putting this economy on life-support.

Trevor Loudon’s Stellar Work

Trevor Loudon, through his magnificent work, The Enemies Within, documents the many groups (e.g. the Democratic Socialists of America) and identifies them as communist front groups designed to ensnare as many Democratic members of Congress as possible. ,

Loudon emphasizes expresses the belief that classic Marxist revolution, in which the “exploited” working class is recruited to participate in a “working class revolution” is a fool’s errand.

The new breed of Congressmen, who are casting a long-shadow of Communism over the nation’s capital, can best achieve their communist goals by  infiltrating traditional American society and creating a social revolution. If you don’t think that the bizarre policy changes coming from the Federal government such as the Target transgender bathroom issue is not the poster child for the undermining of the American  society, then you are not paying attention.

The communist ideals have penetrated and are dominating political parties, churches, civic groups, labor unions, our ultra liberal “snowflake universities, the media, Home Owners Associations (HOA), Planned Parenthood, radical fundamental Islamic terrorism. Wait, you thought I was only speaking about communism affiliations didn’t you? Loudon documents that when the Muslim Brotherhood was kicked out of Egypt, they were absorbed, in part, by Russian intelligence. The two groups are terrorist groups and people wonder why I do not trust or support Putin. I do not want a war with Russia, if it can be avoided, however, Putin is an old-line KGB Colonel who is dedicated to the destruction of the United States from within.

Congressman Keith Ellison: The Poster Child for the Marriage Between the Radical Muslim Brotherhood and the Communist Party

The man in-line to become the DNC chair, is as anti-American as they get. At least Obama tried to hide, to some degree, his Muslim Brotherhood and Communist Party affiliations. Ellison is as radical as they get and he is close to running the Democratic party.

Ellison was a spokesman for the Nation of Islam who publicly espouses anti-Semitism. As a  Congressional candidate, “he purposely accepted $50,000 in campaign contributions given and raised by Islamic radicals who openly supported Islamic terrorism and were leaders of front groups for Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood”.

Ellison represents an increasing number of Congressmen who have ties to both the Communist Party and the Muslim Brotherhood as evidenced by his membership in the Communist front group, the Progressive Caucus.

Trevor Loudon and former Congressmen West will tell you that there are 80 members of Congress who fit a similar profile to Ellison. I have found even more and the number may pass 100 before all is said and done.

Here is merely a smattering of well-known names that fit this profile:

The House of Representatives

Nancy Pelosi

Louis Gutierrez

John Conyers

Charles Rangel

Marcy Kaptur

Peter DeFazio

Sheila Jackson Lee

Jim McDermott

Raul Grijalva

Kyrsten Sinema

…and a further cast of dozens.

The Senate

Barbara Boxer

Dick Durbin

Tom Harkin

Barbara Mikulski

Elizabeth Warren

Ed Markey

Debbie Stabenow

Al Franken

Sherrod Brown

Ron Wyden

Jeff Merkley

Patty Murray

Tammy Baldwin

Source: The Enemies Within-Trevor Loudon

I estimate before it is all said and done that a full 20% of the Congress (both houses) have ties to radical groups who are dedicated to Communist Party/Muslim Brotherhood ideals which means the eradication of the Constitution and the elimination of all civil liberties not granted by the state, the breakdown of traditional American morality, the subversion of the election process so that leaders are selected not elected and the establishment of Sharia Law in place of the Constitution.


Loudon documents how the US Communist Party enacted a stealth plan designed to infiltrate the Democratic Party. At its core, the plan was designed to form alliances among and between the radical elements in organized labor, along with fringe radical elements in the Black community and the feminist movement (e.g. Planned Parenthood) to establish a radicalized, leftist coalition that would control America’s national political agenda for decades to come.

The abovementioned groups were in strong evidence as they marched through the streets of America recently.

In light of this information, do you view the UNSCREENED importation of Syrians in a different light?

The government of this country has successfully been overthrown. President Trump represents a counter-revolutionary movement designed to take the country back.

If you thought you could sit on your backside and Trump would do the rest, you are delusional. We are in a war for cultural, religious, economic and physical survival. The American people must accept responsibility for putting pressure on a compromised Congress to tall into line with Trump’s populism, or face being thrown out of office.

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