California Secessionists: Listen Up! Prepare for an economic lesson from an acolyte of Adam Smith!

The largest sectors of the California Economy are: Government (taxation), housing, healthcare, and utilities. This “world’s eighth largest economy” is a farce.

Tourism, tech, and manufacturing are a but small slice of that bloated pie! So, keep running your trap, seceded if you wish, but heed the warning of the United States of the mother fucking rest of us—-How the hell will you grow food without our water from Arizona and Nevada? Who the hell is going to watch your shitty movies if you pull that stunt and we put an import ban on your garbage? And who give two shits about Facebook or Twitter to begin with?

Zuckerberg and the Google Gang are running the World’s biggest Ponzi. Careful lighting matches around your gasoline soaked house of cards.

California has historically derived significant revenue from international trade and tourism. However, the state’s share of America’s merchandise export trade has been steadily shrinking since 2000, from 15.4% to 11.1% in 2008.[22] The exports of goods made in California totaled $134 billion in 2007. $48 billion of that total was computers and electronics, followed by transportation, non-electrical machinery, agriculture, and chemicals. California trade and exports translate into high-paying jobs for over one million Californians. According to the US Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), in 2005, foreign-controlled companies employed 542,600 California workers, the most of any state. Major sources of foreign investment in California in 2005 were Japan, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, and Germany. Foreign investment in California was responsible for 4.6 percent of the state’s total private-industry employment in 2009.[23] Total direct travel spending in California reached $96.7 billion in 2008, a 0.8% increase over the preceding year.[24] Los Angeles County receives the most tourism in the state.[24]


You are the eighth largest economy on paper. Reality, you produce very little in the way of actual products. Moreover, much of what you do produce is subsidized by natural resources from other American states.


h/t RandyMagnum

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