It’s time for the Germans to Man Up or Face Extinction

It’s unbelievable how dangerous and evil feminism and socialism really are. In just seventy years of cradle to grave benefits, the destruction of the churches and abortion on demand, the ferocious German warrior is as extinct as a mastodon and the nation that was itself synonymous with the soldier has turned into a nothing more than a country of sniveling Eurotrash wallflowers, parading around in Birkenstocks, while relying on the government to be their 24/7 nanny.

The strutting, barrel chested, blond troopers of the Third Reich have given way to the new German man; self-deluding, politically correct, accepting of other cultures, even when they mean to rape your women and destroy you; soft, trendy, atheistic and completely dependent on Father Staat to control every aspect of their precious lives.

The nation that gave the world Frederick the Great, Clausewitz, Otto von Bismarck, the Red Baron, Rommel, the lightning armored warfare called Blitzkrieg and the fanatical super soldiers of the Waffen SS is now literally a nation of complete and utter pansies who are allowing a dumpy, demented former physicist and devotee of Marx and Engels to flood the country with violent Muslim men, hell bent on pillaging and plundering the nation of Krupp and Messerschmidt.

Angela Merkel is the grim reaper, Dr. Kevorkian, Jim Jones, the hooded executioner of a nation who is leading Germany in what can only be deemed as national suicide.

Under Merkel, nearly two million Muslim refugees, who are mainly male, single, violent, criminal and in their 20’s have invaded Germany. They have inundated the tidy, well-scrubbed nation, arriving in German villages, towns and cities, carrying nothing more than haversacks of Jihad and C4, while eagerly anticipating endless free government handouts of Euros and Viagra.

Merkel’s Muslim Monsters aren’t there to enrich Germany. They are there to destroy Germany. They are there to incinerate German culture and what is left of the Catholic and Lutheran churches in the nation. They are there to turn Germany into an Islamic caliphate and they are on their way to accomplishing their mission.

Germany is descending into the kind of chaos not seen since the 1920’s, where right wing militias battled communists in the streets.

In 2017, it’s no longer Nazi vs. Communist, but hunting season in the country, where packs of roving Muslim men conduct their own rape and destroy missions and prey on the helpless German public.

Since 2014, over 400,000 crimes have been committed by Muslim refugees in Germany. In fact, foreigners, who are mainly Muslim, commit a crime every 2 minutes in Germany.

A nation that was virtually crime free in its villages and towns has turned into a Third World Jurassic Park, where the predators are on the loose and free to rape and plunder with very little back blast coming their way from the German police, the German military and particularly, Merkel’s government, which is in a state of total denial and the left, which is suffering from a twisted type of Stockholm Syndrome.

The German public is being browbeaten by both political sides. Left wing, feminist nuts like Stefanie von Berg, from the German Green Party tell Germans to accept their Muslim residents and that in 20-30 years Germany will be a multicultural paradise. How many more rapes, murders and terrorist attacks will it take for morons like von Berg to understand that the Muslims in Germany are there to break the country into a thousand pieces, not build it up into some brave new world, socialist utopia.

As von Berg arrogantly henpecks Germans, others on the left continue to greet migrants with ridiculous Refugees Welcome signs.

Meanwhile, Merkel and her colleagues from the center threaten any German who voices verbal opposition to her reign of insanity. Ordinary Germans and particularly those from the right wing AfD Party are labeled racists, Islamophobes, Neo-Nazis and whatever title Merkel can pin on them.

What Merkel, von Berg and the Muslim hordes all have in common is one very important thing; they all know that the average German, particularly the average German man is incapable of fighting back anymore.

Merkel has over 50% approval from the German public as the rapes and the murders and ISIS attacks rage. Von Berg spouts utter nonsense and threatens the right. Muslim men prowl the streets, knowing that there is no one to stop them.

One wonders when German men will say enough is enough. How many rapes, sexual assaults, murders and ISIS truck attacks will it take for German men to get off the couch and take back their country?

The German government has proven time and time again that it not only has no motivation to stop the flow of refugees, but to do anything about the violence.

The German government will continue to lie and will continue to protect Muslim refugees before German citizens.

It’s time for the men of Germany, if there are any left, to man up, grow a pair and take your country back from the demented strawberry blond witch, Angela Merkel, the feminists, the Marxists and the Muslim maniacs laying siege to their women, their towns, their culture and their religions.

It’s time for the men of Germany to adhere to the words of Mr. Churchill, who said, “Arm yourselves and be ye men of honor and be in readiness for the conflict. For it is better for us to perish in battle than to look upon the outrage of our nation and our altar.”

If you don’t take your country back you are going to be destroyed by Islam and your wives, daughters, sisters and sweethearts are going to be nothing more than targets of opportunity in the open for Muslim rapists.

If you don’t take your country back there will be a Minaret in every German village and the Islamic call to prayer will bellow throughout the land from Bremen to Munich.

If you don’t take your country back Germany will be kaput, forever.

Man up Germany or face extinction.

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