63% of Disqualified Detroit Precincts Had Too Many Hillary Clinton Votes

Fraud Audit Underway: Scanners in 248 of Detroit’s 392 disqualified precincts counted more ballots than the actual number of voters.

Authorities probing Michigan vote recount for potential fraud in Detroit


State Elections Director Chris Thomas explains a state audit of 20 precincts in Detroit where ballot boxes contained fewer votes than counted in the election poll book. Chad Livengood, The Detroit News

In Detroit Michigan 392 of 662 precincts, nearly 57%, were disqualified from the recount because of differences in the number of ballots scanned and the number of voters logged has having voted in poll books, according new records released by the Wayne County Board of Elections in Michigan.

The new records show that scanners in 248 of Detroit’s 662 precincts counted more ballots than the number of voters that actually voted.

That is nearly two-thirds of disqualified precincts and 37% of all precincts in Detroit where Hillary Clinton won 95% of the vote.

The new report from the Board of Elections shows the tendency to count too many votes in Wayne county was more systemic than originally thought.

The widespread anomalies were discovered during the Michigan recount which lead to initial reports that more than 1/2 of Hillary’s Detroit Vote faced recount disqualification.

On Detroit precincts is known to have reported that there were 306 votes were counted but the ballot box only contained 50 ballots.

The Michigan Recount was quickly shut down by federal courts soon after these discrepancies were discovered.

The office of Michigan’s Secretary of State has now announced there will be a selective audit of the Michigan vote following the discoveries which State Senator Patrick Colbeck stated is being started determine if poll workers engaged in fraudulent procedures.

News reports last week stated the vast majority of over counting was to poll workers running the same ballot through scanners multiple times due to paper jams.

This resulted in the same ballot being counted multiple times if the poll workers did not adjust machine counters for the successive scans.

The state has announced a selective audit to determine if fraud was involved in 20 Detroit precincts because the problems were the worst in democrat strong-holds such as Detroit.

The data in the newly released records do not provide a count of how many extra votes were tallied in favor of Hillary Clinton.

The records indicate from precincts in Detroit 11 where 1 over, 62 where 2 over, 37 were 3 over, 20 were 4 over and 52 were more than 4 votes over.

There records also show an additional 144 Detroit precincts that were disqualified because the machines counted fewer votes than the number of votes that are logged as having voted.

Donald Trump won the state of Michigan by 10,704 votes, a 0.2% margin, over Hillary Clinton.

Statewide, 10.6% of the precincts were disqualified for recount due to either differences between machine and poll book counts or precincts hacving ballot boxes with broken seals.

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