Mark Of The Beast Starting In Israel?

All, Both Small And Great, To Be Required To Have Biometric Mark

For years, Bible prophecy teachers have warned about a last days attempt to place a mark on every individual, in fulfillment of foretellings from the book of Revelation in the New Testament, but will it be the Holy Land of Israel itself that will be the forerunner to implement ‘The Mark of the Beast’? The Jersusalem Post has reported that the Interior Ministry has decided to push to make joining the national biometric database, including taking finger prints and facial recognition pictures, a requirement for all identity cards going forward. The law establishes arrangements to enable identification and authentication of Israeli residents by means of including biometric data in identification documents, in a manner that will prevent forgery and the use of a different identity. The law regulates the establishment of a biometric database, which will be managed by a dedicated and separate authority:  the Biometric Database Management Authority, and in which the biometric information will be kept in a secure and encrypted manner, separate from any other communication network, and in particular from the Population Registry. The database will not include any identifying information of the residents of Israel. (READ MORE)

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