Trending on Twitter: MSM Flips – Trump Risks War With China Because He Called Called Taiwan

The corporate media totally ignores Obama sold $1.83b of weapons to Taiwan and flips out because Trump called Taiwan claiming it will cause a war.

More fake news from the corporate media. Just when you think they can’t possibly lose anymore credibility. You just cant make this stuff up.

The liberal media is flipping out because Trump just took a phone call from Taiwan, which the claim he made, and have been ranting for hours about how “ballistic” China is going to go over Trump’s latest unprecedented scandal.

Corporate media journalists are throwing around all kinds of scare monger from claiming Trump has at a minimum just started a trade war to more absurd claims that an actual war, some even claiming World War III itself, will break out over the call.

Perhaps the biggest sign this is just latest of what promises to be an 8 year-long stream of constant corporate media fake news articles is that the media is claiming Trump has broken 40 years of U.S. foreign policy by calling with Taiwan’s President when the truth is Taiwan’s president called him.

Of course, anyone not glued to the corporate media boob tube see right through their fear mongering.

Donald Trump has been elected President and foreign policy decisions are now his to make, regardless of the mistakes that might have been made by past Presidents.

The fact remains that Trump has told communist China their can take their globalist sponsored TPP trade deal and shove it where the sun does shine. China does not tell American what to do and Trump has made it clear he will stand up to them.

This of course is the true motive behind the corporate media’s incessant attacks because their corporate owners certainly aren’t beneficiaries of Trump’s Americanism not Globalism policy.

Lest we also not forgot that while Taiwan is our ally, one which the corporate media claims Trump should be fake and pretend as the President of the United United States he does not have a relationship with them, the media has reminded us repeatedly that China manipulates their currency, engages in corporate espionage for intellectual property rights theft, steals our jobs, and constantly rattles their sabers at America threatening the entire Pacific region from Japan to the South China seas while supporting the North Korean regime.

Trump is simply giving the media the proverbial middle finger, reminding them that decisions regarding U.S. foreign policy for the next 8 years are his to make, and he will not engage in pre-Berlin wall cold war scare mongering tactics that are part of the globalist regime’s system of control which comes at the cost to the common person.


Earlier from President-elect Donald Trump.


But we live in a world were the media has no obligation to tell the truth, so let’s look at some examples of liberal journalists flipping out over “Trumps call to Taiwan”.


Pathetically, the The Atlantic compares killing of Chinese soldiers and an American hostage situation to Trumps phone call. News flash Cold war’s over Trump and despite the scaremongering in the article Donald Trump does not need to be fake like the Presidents before him and pretend there is no relationship with Taiwan while peddling billions of dollars in arms. For what? To perpetuate the elites system of fear?

So, Why Can’t You Call Taiwan?

It’s hardly remembered now, having been overshadowed a few months later on September 11, but the George W. Bush administration’s first foreign-policy crisis came in the South China Sea. On April 1, 2001, a U.S. Navy surveillance plane collided with a Chinese jet near Hainan Island. The pilot of the Chinese jet was killed, and the American plane was forced to land and its crew was held hostage for 11 days, until a diplomatic agreement was worked out. Sino-American relations remained tense for some time.

Unlike Bush, Donald Trump didn’t need to wait to be inaugurated to set off a crisis in the relationship. He managed that on Friday, with a phone call to the president of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen. It’s a sharp breach with protocol, but it’s also just the sort that underscores how weird and incomprehensible some important protocols are.


Why would Trump not speak with Tsai? Here’s where the strangeness starts. The U.S. maintains a strong “unofficial” relationship with Taiwan, including providing it with “defensive” weapons, while also refusing to recognize its independence and pressuring Taiwanese leaders not to upset a fragile but functional status quo. It’s the sort of fiction that is obvious to all involved, but on which diplomacy is built: All parties agree to believe in the fiction for the sake of getting along.

The roots of this particular fiction date to 1949, when Chiang Kai-shek’s Republic of China was routed by Mao Zedong and the Communists, and Chiang fled to Taiwan. The U.S., in Cold War mode, continued to recognize the ROC in Taiwan as China’s rightful government, and so did the United Nations. But in 1971, the UN changed course, recognizing the People’s Republic of China—or as it was often called then, Red China—as the legitimate government. In 1979, the United States followed suit. Crucially, the communiqué proclaiming that recognition noted, “The Government of the United States of America acknowledges the Chinese position that there is but one China and Taiwan is part of China.”


Some Grade A cold war fear mongering from PS Mag:


Here’s a collection of tweets from Liberal reporters echoing the same Trump is going to start with China nonsense.

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