Urgent Call To Action To Trump And His Supporters

Urgent Call To Action To Trump And His Supporters


Eddie Savage | RedFlag News Desk

The goal of the ‘recounts’ is to prevent the electoral votes from being counted in WI, MI, PA. If they can make the recount go beyond the Dec. 18 deadline, then they then only have to bribe 7 electors to change their votes from Trump to Clinton in order for Clinton to win.

To combat this, Trump needs to call/pay for recounts in California – due to voter fraud, Virginia, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Colorado.

He needs to drag out the counts in these states so that she can’t get the electoral votes there.

The deadlines are passing and Trump must use the law in his favor. That’s what Hillary’s camp is doing. They are waiting until the last second so Trump doesn’t have time to respond.

If you can, sign up to volunteer for the recount:


The rest of us need take our info, and broadcast it just like we did about voter fraud during the election: Email conservative newspapers and radio, send out tweets (#RecountHoldup? #ElectionTheft?), generally make what Biden would colloquially refer to as “a big fucking deal” of the situation.

And, most importantly, EVERYONE EVERYWHERE can proactively broadcast on social media and via email to election officials that we are watching and will embarrass the hell out of any election official who lets fraud happen on his/her watch.

Everybody can warn the election officials that we will be watching and will horribly embarrass them if they screw around during the recounts… This is potentially the most important thing we can do…

Wisconsin: 1-866-VOTE-WIS and elections@wi.gov

Michigan: 517-373-2540 and Twitter @michsos and http://www.michigan.gov/sos/0,1607,7-127-13162—,00.html

Pennsylvania: (717) 787-6458 and (717) 787-5280 and Twitter @PAStateDept

Trump has been declared the victory of the election, but it’s not over until the electorates are cast and he is sworn in. Hillary and Soros and the Democrats will pull every trick they have, starting with this recount. They need to know that if they thought the anti-Trump protests were bad after the election, should Hillary steal the election, they aint seen nothing yet!

H/T /u/sqlchaos and /u/shadowman3001

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