President-Elect Trump Releases Transition Message Directly to American People…

If there was any doubt that Donald Trump was going to usher in a new American era of communication where the main stream corporate media were made irrelevant, well, this should answer the question.

Using Facebook –HERE– and social media (Dan Schavino and Jason Miller), President Elect Donald Trump releases a video message (directly to the American electorate) updating everyone on the Transition Team objectives and reaffirming the already announced goals for the first 100 days.

Worth noting late last night President Obama was still pitching his Trans-Pacific Trade Deal (TPP) during a press conference in Peru. President-Elect Donald Trump, within this video, states his immediate intent to eliminate the U.S. involvement in this TPP construct.

Additionally, when you consider the timing of this release (immediately following the media summit in Trump Tower) it’s transparent that President Donald Trump intends to make the filters of the corporate media irrelevant with an effective emphasis on getting out his own administration message directly to the people.

This approach is an existential financial threat to the livelihoods of corporate media executives and associated operatives.

No-one, no-one, not a single other candidate, could ever assemble the constructs for such a paradigm shift in governmental communication. This stuff is off-the-charts breaking new territory.

Boy O’ Boy, what a great time to be alive. This stuff is intensely interesting and historic.


Productive day in Washington DC at our @transition2017 Headquarters. Looking forward to being in New York tomorrow!

~ VPE Mike Pence

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